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  1. If there is a musky show on TV all they seem to throw is double tens it's driving me nuts ! My kid even turned to me and said you need to get some of those baits ! Then they throw a rubber chicken out with hooks on it and get a follow from that, i heard about that one from a lot of guys at the shop they all thought that was pretty simple ! i'd like to see a musky show that shows what it's really like on your average musky lake . I have thrown my share of double tens over the last couple of years and i have only ONE fish to show for it ,are double tens only good in Canada or in the midwest ? sorry for the rant but has anone really seen that kind of success on doule tens around this area ? Lance McFeely "THE FERD"
  2. I would have to say that my year was 80% casting and 20 % trolling . If casting is producing fish I'll keep casting all day until I'm tired or need a bite to eat . Don't get me wrong I like trolling and have had very good times doing so but last season wasn't my year for pulling baits it just wasn't as consistant as casting for me . I trolled when I was tired and needed a break or when I was hungry and got a bite to eat and pulled some baits while eating . Lance McFeely THE FERD"
  3. Your right Larry my "chautauqua Latiano" Does have a nice back up ,well at the start of the day it does but as the morning goes on the more water collects the bait backs up less and goes a little deeper . I don't know if I want to seal it up or not over the winter I don't want it to loose the action it has right now . it's hard to belive how many fish I have caught on that one bait , it's just nuts . I won't let anyone else even touch the bait and If I see the slightest fray in the line I'll cut off some line and retie my leader . I have a few other Latianos in the box but they haven't seen much time in the water . Lance McFeely "THE FERD"
  4. I have bought a couple off of ebay in the past they normally go for at least 40 bucks and thats not bad for a bait that will never be made again . I have heard that Howard Wagner from the fish education center still has some for sale ,he normally has them on ebay . I once got a screaming deal from a guy that thought his bait was a reef hog and sold it to me for six bucks plus shipping on ebay . That was awsome !!! Lance McFeely " THE FERD"
  5. Thanks for the kind welcome here , And let's get things straight I am no expert on Chautauqua Lake I am just a guy that likes to fish hard and I get lucky sometimes . It just so happens that it worked out at the right time last year . And yes I was using a ready Eddie model last year during the tourney . This next tourney will be a good one with no prefishing done it will be anyones prize that day ! Oh and I do remember you Nitromusky I belive your were on your way out to jig a fuzzy duzzit in front of the bell tower the day we talked . Maybe I'll see some of you at the Butler show ? Lance McFeely "THE FERD"
  6. Just found this board searching the web and thought I'd join up . My Ready Eddie jerkbait is by far my best jerkbait for Chautauqua lake . They can be very hard to find but they are out there, most of his baits are signed but some of the older ones only have "EVL" stamped on the top of the bait . A Leo is the closest bait there is to the ready eddie I like the nine inch Leo better than the eight inch bait but i'm pretty sure Todd isn't making the nine icher anymore . I belive Mike Sperry also makes the same type of bait but I haven't seen that in action though so i can't comment on that . If you do find a good latiano bait fish it as fast and as hard as you can . Good luck in your search and hope I don't find them first . Lance McFeely
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