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  1. thanks for your initiative. things are in need of much change to preserve what's left of our fishery. keep us posted.
  2. Is there any upgrades to help speed up the old mag 10s? Almost ready to go back to crankers
  3. The flies I am talking about originated in Amsterdam, N.Y. and were used on Champlain and George. The halloween, grey ghost, popsickle, perch, etc are extremly good. Nothing against the great Wally Allen but his woodchucks were tied and used for bass although they do occasionally catch trout. through the years there has been many imitations. Some work, some don't.
  4. Anyone who remembers the good old streamer days on Seneca should know that they are back. You can't go too fast with them and the salmon crush them on the overcast days with a chop on the water. Dig em out and have a ball
  5. Had a great day myself on Friday going 10 for 14 in three hours on same patterns. All landlocks. Yesterday, on the other hand, was tough. Went 4 for 6. 3 salmon and 1 brown all just over 15 inches after 4 and a half hours of hard fishing. Funny how a day changes everything. This is the best time of year to be out there though and I am looking forward to another great winter and spring fishing.
  6. I take it you aren't stupid or never done anything stupid. I have been fishing Seneca lake for over 50 years and have had mishaps myself. In an instant things happen you don't have control over and s--t happens. Don't call a moment of poor judgement stupid until you are in the situation when you only have an instant to make the call. Sometimes it's the wrong one and that's not stupid. Hope you never need a tow for running out of gas. That's stupid!
  7. The reason we have boats with full canvas and heaters is because we remember when we were young and crazy fishing out of open boats year round. Comfort and warmth are priceless
  8. Has anyone been on Seneca since the high water? if so are the Salmon still turned on?
  9. Was down at lake few minutes ago. STAY HOME!!!!!
  10. Should be fishable if wind switches to west as predicted but if the lake is anything like today drink beer and stay home
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