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  1. flyrod2

    Angler Diaries

    Was told the Region 7 report was just mailed out and will be online sometime this week. Not sure about the R8 report.
  2. Crane was parked at Miliken all fall until last week working on a new intake system. Watched them leave the other day then saw it yesterday up north when we were heading to Geneva. Assumed they were heading north to dismantle and remove from lake.
  3. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 8/3

    We have seen a little more in way of lampreys and marked up fish than last year. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 8/3

    Lake was rough so went north of Taughannok as only spot less rough. Still good drift. Landed a bunch again most above 26". 85-95fow. Bite was slow but most hits were hard and hooked. Caught some reeling up as close as 15' to boat. With fast drift had to zing them out down wind. Had some take it coming back to boat. Kept this one, would not revive, all others did well. Pic is with Hermit's 1.25 jig painted glow white. Only ones I use as they work. Sorry about pic, could not get it to rotate. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 7/24

    Went out this evening with a friend. We caught 10.26" to 28" and a couple little 14 to 17's Lost a few near boat,;bunch of bites. 80-90fow best. Marked bunch fish 20 down. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 7/24

    Solo trip. Everyone busy. Caught 4 over 28" and 1 -23". All went back except this 31". This one inhaled a hermit 1.25oz sharp jig. Hooked though back mouth twice and had to remove from back of gill. Tough to do by myself. Was hoping to save it. Big female. All off ledges around rocky dock area. Lost couple north of myers when I was more concerned about being run over and not paying attention. It was time to get off the lake. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Alec I have been using powder paint on your jigs and they hold up real well. We use white glow and they produce plenty of lakers with the lunker city shakers. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. flyrod2

    Cayuga jig 6-21

    Rough water this evening. Managed only 4. All in 28" range. 70fow north of miliken. Purple and glow white. Tried few spots on way back to myers no luck. Needed 3 drift socks to slow us down. Marked fish on bottom just could not stay vertical for long. Won't get out for while so braved the wind today. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 6-15

    We were out yesterday. After one of the other posts I had to prove to the wife we could catch fish in afternoon otherwise I was in trouble. We jigged and ran rigs. Caught few north of miliken 60fow. ran rigs past sheldrake north with mixed bag including 2 nice bows. then jigged front of wells. Caught 3 in 80fow there and had a number short strikes. Wind stopped few times and got hot on boat. We are trying all sorts of spots. There is a lot of 50 to 100fow on the lake so need to try everywhere other than usual spots. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. flyrod2

    Cayuga Jig 6-15

    Went out last evening. Slow at usual spots so we fished north of Myers for long stretch. Fish and bait everywhere.Bait following jig to surface. Caught 13. All in the 23" to 25" range and one 16", Son got bonus 21" landlock 10' from boat reeling in. All fish caught in 45 to 55fow on usual white glow jig and lunker city shakers. Screen full of fish and bait 15' down as well. Surface temp was 65.My son kept me busy.I am getting good at reeling in fast and netting fish.
  11. flyrod2

    Jigging Lakers?

    Lunker city 3.25" shaker with hermit's 1.25 jigs. I paint them with white glow powder paint. Same color shakers as hermit but also alwife and white glow my best. My son catches his on purple and they are usually bigger than what I catch. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. flyrod2

    Cayuga jigging

    Jigged north miliken this afternoon. 4 landed couple lost at boat. Not as productive as other day. 25 to 30fow best. Boats flying by 30 yards or less much of the afternoon. Tis the season. Boy I like weekdays. Sent from my SM-S920L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. flyrod2

    Cayuga jigging

    No school Tuesday so went out north of Miliken. Caught a bunch in 18 to 25FOW, Quick to drop jig when we spotted fish. Kept 2 rest went back. All 24" to 28.5", only 1 with lamprey. Had to fish away from bait as it was so thick you could feel them hitting jigs. Son caught all his on purple lunker city shaker w/ hermits jigs painted white glow. Mine with LC alwife. Lake was flat so had to keep moving around. Fish were real fighters too with that short distance. 62 degree water at surface. Saw lots of LL salmon jumping, should have brought some cleos.
  14. flyrod2

    Name Game

    Rainbow crush
  15. flyrod2

    seth green rig

    We learned to use rigs on Owasco with my grandfather. I use them now since my boat is not set up to be able to use other methods and have had to be creative with rod holders. Fun to try to hand line a big landlock or bow and if by yourself to net as well. Any read on Seth is fascinating as Iron Duke mentioned. He obviously did not have electronics or 21 aisles of fishing gear at the local store to chose from. He needed to study the fish and learn how to "fish".