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  1. Not doing anything or not marking anything up by state park this morning. Anybody doing anything different? Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. WE just had the annual week long guys fishing trip last week there. We stayed on the point of the Bluff. On Sat. the 12th we got 15 in four hrs. on the west side down 100 ft. I only fished 1/2 way up toward town. Two days later I made the mistake of challenging the 20 year olds to a contest. They beat us 19 to 12 again in four hours. I was on the east side they on the west. All week long I went out either side and averaged double figures. This was only our second time on the lake. Two, three pounders all over. Maybe about twelve four pounders and around five or six five pounders for the week between three boats. One guy caught one six pound laker. Blue was a major color. Hope this helps.
  3. Last Friday AM it was 54 degrees.
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