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  1. For Sale : USA

    i'm interested in the proos give me a call 585-703-3318 thanks Doug
  2. hi ill take lot 1 just need an address please call us at 585-703-7488 doug and lisa thanks
  3. ill take the one for 30 the 1st one please call lisa at 585-703-7488 thanks
  4. give me a call 585-703-3318 ill take the one on the left and the middle one thanks Doug
  5. i have a set of 4 in good working order give me a call 585-703-3318 $125 for all
  6. hi lisa and doug please call us at 585-793-7488 we will take all the spoons with the dots on them thanks
  7. ill take the ones with the dots on them thanks lisa and doug
  8. or you could meet me in bath i go threw their 5 days a week
  9. if not i could mail it just give me your zip code
  10. yes it is call doug at 585-703-3318
  11. yes it is call Doug at 585-703-3318