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  1. Went out for a couple of hours this morning. Marked some bait in 45-50 but never got bothered. Pointed northeast and while checking lines (alot of floating weeds) my splitshot black and white rapala hooked up with a small brown. I watched a competly blank screen out to 110 so I decided to pull gear and head back shallow. As I reeled in a firetigre spoon off my 45 rigger I had a fish following it up. I paused it and the fish swung at it and missed the swam straight away. 30 second later as I am realing in the flatline at about a hundred back it got slammed by a 7lb acrobat. What speed are you guys running this time of year? Seams odd that both fish hit while I was reeling in. Nice morning and no skunk.
  2. Last weekend 2 caught 2 browns in the bay right in the middle and an Sat I caught another brown in the center of the main finger. This early in the year the bay is not a bad option. I have not done any panfishing this year so no help on that.
  3. Late morning solo trip in front of the shoot 7-14 fow. Nice fat brown and the other 2 I could use some help with ID. All 3 released for another day. The Brown took a J11 black and silver, the fork tail took a J9 green and yellow, and the other took a green/ yellow spoon off a 5' rigger. No real pattern other then all were caught out in the green water a long way from the mud line.
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