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  1. Yeah, but Chris, do you catch many fish that way? Duane
  2. We found the same thing out of Sodus yesterday, except that we didn't dare go further out than 40 fow or so in our 16'. We were marking a few fish, but it was so clear that we could see bottom 20+ feet down, and got no hits. It was our first time getting our new boards and riggers out, though, so we chalked it up to a practice run. Once the wind started picking up, we headed back into the bay to try to find some perch, also to no avail. We'll figure this thing out one of these days... Duane
  3. Went to Port Bay yesterday with my 16' tin can, hoping with the lower wind forecast that I could get out on the lake to try out my new (used) downriggers and planer boards, and make my first attempt at the spring browns.... winds seemed to be stronger than advertised though, and didn't even make it out of the chute. Decided to look around the bay for some perch, but the water was real muddy from all the wind the last few days... only about a foot of visibility. I had stopped by the night before, and the waves were crashing over the rocks and onto the road to the launch.... that was something to see! But anyway, I never got a bite yesterday. Still lots to learn about fishing up there. I thought there is normally a good spring perch bite in the Ontario bays, but haven't been hearing much about them this year. Has anyone been getting them? I did see one boat pulling in fish after fish, and some others along shore catching quite a few as well, but couldn't tell what they were. Crappie maybe? Ah well, maybe next time. Wanted to at least post a report, as I've been learning a lot from reading all the posts on here. Might try to take a day off and try again before the spring run is over, but I think next time I'll wait for a low wind forecast at a time when the lake hasn't already been rolling for several days beforehand! Tight lines, all!
  4. I was going to try to get out to chase some smelt tonight, but those creeks have got to be booming up there with all this rain. Can't see making the trip just to try Milliken.
  5. Wow, great site, thanks.. just checked it out for the first time, and it won't be the last!
  6. Thanks guys, we ended up trailering down to Black River Bay on Friday. Got a nice 23" eye down there in about 8 fow by the buouys on a chartreuse/black jig/minnow, plus some huge smallies and a northern up in the river. Never got back out on the st. larry due to rain, but from what I hear, it might be worth heading up there in August. Thanks again for the advice! Duane
  7. Capt. Larry, thanks for the suggestion on the line.. I had missed that earlier. We got to the St. Larry today, and stopped at 1000 Islands Bait Shop, and were surprised to hear him say there are really no walleye to be caught in this section of the river this time of year! (other than Bayfield Bay). We tried around Carleton Island today.. mix of jigging, trolling stickbaits, and casting around the dropoffs, and didn't get a bite. Any suggestions on where to find the 'eyes without trailering to Ogdensburg or buying a Canadian license? If all else fails, we'll try to find some perch, but would love to find out where the walleye are hiding! Thanks, Duane
  8. Ah... thanks Mickey! That's a great post.
  9. Did anyone get out and try BRB this weekend? I'm thinking of stopping in there on our way up to the St. Lawrence on Thursday. Haven't fished it in years... what's the best spot to launch? Have only been to the launch at BRB Campground. Thanks, Duane
  10. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate the help. Congrats on the toms!
  11. Thanks for the report, Kevin. We launched at Mexico around 11:00 Saturday morning, and trolled both west and east, but never had a hit. The NW wind was kicking up pretty good, so we only fished about 3 hours. First time trolling for browns, so not sure what we may have been doing right or wrong. Used Stingers and stickbaits, heard on the radio that they were hitting good in 10 fow so we stayed around there for the most part but also ventured out to about 20 and everywhere in between. We don't have boards, so we were just flatlining about 150 feet back with no weight. Kept our speed around what the other boats were doing. Any suggestions on what to try differently would be appreciated, but we chalked it up to the wind and our late start. Would love to get back and try again this year, but once walleye opens, don't know if I can do it! Duane
  12. Thanks for the help guys. One more question.... I've always used 8 lb. mono for jigging, and 12-15 lb. for trolling for walleye. Will this be sufficient for the St. Lawrence? I think it would handle the walleye fine, but not sure how many muskie or pike to expect by accident? Thanks, Duane
  13. Thanks for all the info, guys. We settled on a cheap 2nd fishfinder to put in the bow for now, but will definitely learn more about what is offered for networking in the future! K Gonefishin, I'm following you on Twitter now too! Duane
  14. Thanks guys, I'll check that out. Must be that I haven't browsed enough in the higher price ranges to find them. Searches for dual monitors bring back results for dual beam and dual frequency. Duane
  15. Just wondering if anyone has found a fishfinder with dual monitors that won't break the bank? Do they even make them? Would be nice if the person in the bow and the person in the stern each had a monitor to look at. Haven't had any luck searching for them. Thanks, Duane
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