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  1. If you go to wal-mart check how long the battery has been on the shelf, it could be years with no maint. done to it. also their return policy, I got stuck on an atv battery 6 months to the day & no pro rateing!! Had to buy new but not there!

  2. fished out of catt. today only saw a few perch caught. last week did good off evengola white wall in 50 -55 fow. also last week guys did good off silver creek in 42- 48 fow. the wind this week must have screwed things up. got a report of perch schools in front of wind mills in 52 fow today, good luck if you go . i will be turkey hunting for a while.

  3. Name: F.S.

    Location: halfway between lakes erie & ontario

    Home Port: lake erie

    Boat Name/Type: 22 ft Grady white

    I fish for: walleye,perch,trout & salmon.


    Would like to know hot spots for perch on seneca & canadaguia lakes. Thanks for any info.

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