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  1. I was also wondering were I might find some saw bellies for bait,last thursday I fished taughnock falls,and found them in the marina area around noon time dark overcast windy day, I was back yesterday same time and there were none to be had, also went to long point state park none there, an stopped at deans cove to be spyed on by the DEC there. I was curious if any one knew for sure that the bait is there(taughnock) early mourning when the sun comes up and they leave afterwards when they feel threatened...I recall someone explaining this to me but it was a few years ago an Im not 100% sure... can somebody plz send me a pm were and what time I need to be there with out boat thank you
  2. Thxs Mnt goat, I thought I was having a blonde moment for a while, couldn't figure that one out
  3. Whats the acronym APOS stand for other wise this is a great idea and many thxs to the capts that participate most apperciated
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