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  1. Hi Guys has anyone had an issue with the nylon sprocket that lifts up to engauge with the fly wheel when starting. Mine broke last week and i put on a new one. On the 3rd re-start the new one has jumped up and jammed on the fly wheel. I took it apart and re set it and again it randomly jumps up when pull the start cord. Any thoughts would be appreciated Thanks in advance Jeff
  2. yes rainbows and browns(they do get sea run browns in the south island) and i would image NZ's most famous (if you can call it that) would be http://www.steinlager.com/Splash Not my fav, but certainly is drank by many a kiwi!. I remember coming across a great beer down Rochester - i think it had "adams' in the name, reddish tinge to it- loved it, but i can say that about most beer
  3. Yes very much like that Adirondacks area, but not as many lakes or mountains and the beer is heaps cheaper over there
  4. Always great reading your helpful tips and tricks for down rigging and jigging, thanks again. Here is a small clip of open trout season here in a wonderful lake in the north island of New Zealand. :beer:
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    how we catch them down here Mates - what fishing all around the world is all about this is a tradition here for many years- the evening before opening day!
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    Name: Jeff Location:New Zealand now but was Guelph Ont Home Port: Lake Rotoiti Boat Name/Type: 15 foot Pelin cuddy cabin I fish for: Trout ================== G-day, always enjoy reading the posts, I mostly do downrigging here in NZ, it actually use to be illegal here (very odd fishing guidelines here) Want to learn more about jigging with these butterfly rigs. We have some beautiful clean lakes here and if any members make it down this was be sure to PM me and maybe we could get out for a fish
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