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  1. Went out Friday 6/21 Left the shoot at 5:00 am and set up around 180 fow. Two dipsets out 180 ft with flasher and meat and other 200ft. with flasher and powder blur fly. Two riggers one at 60 down with flasher and meat and other 70 down with flasher and fly. Thumper rod with 42nd spoon mag 150 ft out the back. Trolled out to 630 fow with no takers. Saw small pods of bait all the way out but no marks. At 411 fow meat rigger goes off and we netted a 7 lb Coho. Trolled back in to 100fow and nothing so went in for a while. was about 2:30pm 6:00 pm we rolled out the shoot for round two to try to pick a few salmon before dark. Trolled between 80 and 120 fow and saw lots of bait and a few marks but no takers. Beautyful sunset though.
  2. Hey Mr. Clean, I followed a boat that looked like yours through the shoot Saturday around 10:00am. There was a guy on the back of the boat jigging through the shoot. Was that you?
  3. Went out Saturday 6/15 and stayed in close fishing just outside the mud line in 15-25 ft of water east of the shoot. Sent out boards with spoons and smithwicks 100 - 125 back and smithwick out the back 200 ft. 2.2 - 2.6 mph. Between first two bluffs picked up 7+ Brown. Nice fat football. on a 31/2inch smithwick (black back, silver sides with diagonal bars, orange belly) About half way between the second bluff and the point picked up another Brown same size on 41/2 inch smithwick with brown back, light brown sides with red verticl lines (looks like bloody lines/dots) I think off white belly. Made the turn and things were getting choppy so we headed in. Little breezy but a beautyful day at the marina. Sunday 6/16 - Decieded to try to head out for Salmon. Cruzed out to 150 ft. of water and set up. One rigger was 8 inch flasher and meat rig. (strip) 80 down other rigger was 8 inch flasher with fly (home made powder blue hammer looking fly)70 down. Two dipseys one with 11 inch flasher with whole meat rig 180 ft out on 3 setting other dipesywith 8 inch spinny with green home made fly (same as above but green fly)220 out on 3 setting. Got out to 180 fow and had release on flasher/powder blue fly but no fish. Same happened at 210 fow. At 245 fow 80 down other rigger went off with flasher / Meat and pulled in a 8+ lb. Coho. Beautyful fish. Trolled out to 330 fow with no marks / no fish so we turned south as with the south blow things were getting pretty choppy that far out. On the way back we did another Coho at 220 fow 70 down on the rigger with flasher/ blue fly. Trolled to 130fow with no action so we headed in just in time for the rain. Hope the king fishing picks up soon.
  4. Fairpoint Marina located at the north end of the bay also has ethenol free gas at the dock
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