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  1. Please pm me with contact info thanks in advance need help
  2. Looking for a head unit if anyone has one to sell or trade
  3. I'll be there Friday for pro am
  4. I'm having trouble with my furuno 585 I'm at wits end iso one or 588 or 587 will plug in any help would be much appreciated
  5. I'll take them for 90 and can meet up w you
  6. Right don't blame you I'd like to save money but definitely don't like fishing without it
  7. Will 588 plug into power and transducer cable of of 585
  8. Will 588 plug into power and transducer cable of of 585
  9. It turns on then shuts off
  10. Check it was clean and solid gonna try disconnect ground tech support gave me something to look at
  11. I miss it terrible I have new Garmin sonar but just love the furuno
  12. That's why I ask for help I'll call tech support but I'm not very good at electronic things
  13. I have two brand new batteries all connection are clean it turns on and goes black
  14. I know but mine keeps shutting off Johnny all connection look good idk what else to do
  15. Oh yah good peeps haven't seen much of them this year
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