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  1. $125.00 anyone, anyone?... [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  2. The measurements are 21" long, 14" wide and 12" tall. Thanks.
  3. Moller 12 gallon fuel tank complete with vent and filler bulkhead fittings, fuel gauge and 17 feet of fuel line with Johnson fitting. $125 located in Watkins Glen N.Y.
  4. Cannon uni troll good condition ready to go includes base. $150 located in Watkins Glen N.Y.
  5. Hello Tripleduece50, I have 5 Proos electric downriggers with 3 foot booms that work great.. I have 2 tall swivel mounts and 2 low profile mounts. I will sell them for $50.00 each.
  6. Nick, I have a Quick Drain electric pump and it would not move the oil cold, i ran the engine for a few minutes to warm it up and it pumped the oil out but took about 15 min. If you have not purchased one you are more than welcome to try mine just let me know.
  7. I have a 22.5 foot Searay with a 350 EFI and i burn about 1 gph, one problem i have is if there is no wind or if i am trolling with the wind i have to use at least one bag. A kicker on your platform is an option to consider that is what I am doing. The other perk you need to look at is the extra room you will have for guests and gear with a bigger boat, plus a better ride in poor conditions. Either way you look at it you will definately save fuel compared to what you have now. Just my 2 cents.....good luck...
  8. I am selling an older kicker motor bracket. It does not have a brand name or horsepower rating on it, but I have used it for years with a Johnson 9.9 on it with no problems. I am asking $50 for it and it is located in Elmira N.Y. Thanks.
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