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  1. How far out is 400-500ft from Mexico?
  2. Does anyone have any exsperience with this product TrackStar Bracket? I've herd good things about it I was just looking for some first hand exspereince.
  3. OK SO I figured out my setup for the boat. It's aluminum so I have another question. I'm going to run 48" tracks on each side with a rigger on each end. Should I use a backing plate? The only issue I have is I dont have access to the gunwall on the one end.
  4. OK, So I have the equipment I think I need to target some of the lakes fish. I was wondering what is everyones preference on spoons and which manufacutres would you suggest. I've mainly used Michigan's in the past. When trolling stick baits do you just use rapalas or another brand?
  5. OK So I picked up some rod holders for the boat and I really dont want to have to drill. ( Clap ons are not an option) any suggestions for rigging or am I drilling holes in the new boat? Also Looking to grab a few dipsy rods for fishing Walleye on Oneida. Eyes are smaller so I was'nt sure what to do with. I've got my setup for Ontario.
  6. Great guys thanks for the heads up.
  7. Guys, Thanks for the advice. Here is my plan so far. riggers on each corner and dipsy rods on the sides. I will deffiently take your advice and mock it up before anything is drilled into place. I have a 959Ci HD DI on the Dash and a 859CI HD DI on the bow, I will be investing in a Fish Hawk as well.
  8. I'm looking to set my 18ft Deep V Fishing Boat for the Lake. I have a LOWE Fishing Machine. I grew up fishing the lake but on a much larger boat. I was wondering what I should set this boat up with to go out and catch some fish. Does anyone have any picture of their set ups?
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