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  1. Excellent day off Rochester!

    Looking at the weather report I knew we had to get out early. Left the dock at 0530 and motored about 10miles west passed Bradocks bay.

    Slowed down in 80ft and did some searching. Found a good screen 170’-180’and set up. First king was on before we finished.

    Worked the 42 line until then waves picked up then trolled back to I-Bay. 

    Had 10 kings before a 0830. 

    There was a strong westerly current and speed control was was tough so we ran 5 rods. 3 riggers and 2 dipsey, spoons on everything minus a flasher fly on the port dipsy. 

    Rriggers set at: 

    94’, 106’, 80’

    Dipsy 3 settings 260’ and 225’

    Carbon 14, bad toad half moon, wonderbread,UV mongoose and two faced spin doctor with stub glow. 


    Due to the current most fish came on a westerly troll. 3.6 surface speed and 3.2 at the ball. That was as slow as I could get with both bags. 


    The salmon were feisty, even trying pass the boat. 


    Went 15 for 17 


    Trolled back in front of the bay and road the waves in. 3’-5’ waves and occasionally 7’ er by the time we quit. 






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  2. Was able to get out and fish 5 days during the LOC out of Rochester.


    The goal was to catch a big brown but the inside water cleared up and made it very difficult to target them.  I tried multiple techniques and locations and only boated 1.  


    So take what the lake gives you, the salmon fishing out of Rochester was good to decent most days but we were not getting the size needed to place in the LOC.  We changed gears and targeted lake trout during the late mornings.


    On Sunday I brought my kids and we fishing Lakers from 7:30-12:00 and boated 41 trying for that LOC fish kids division.  We came up short by a pound with the biggest around 17LBs and a handful around 16lbs.  


    Hammerhead cowbells, NK cowbells with gambler rigs behind them on the riggers.  The Lakers were anywhere from 180'-100' close to the bottom. 


    Colors did not matter these fish were hungry. I did notice when I was bringing the downrigger balls up the lakers would chase it.  So when I would see fish on the graph I would bring the down rigger up 10 feet and 9 out of ten times it would trigger a strike.  


    The kids had a blast, I was tired but it was fun to constantly have fish on. All but 2 were released and burped!


    Boated over 90 lakers all week just could not get a big one.


    Eric 84691.thumb.jpg.ece74c9e40b0ab45461b3342ea3647d6.jpgIMG_6740.thumb.jpg.4d34a7894aea926e40d976175928b154.jpg

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  3. 28 minutes ago, Cody191 said:

    You guys that are running chinooks off the back corner in the prop wash, are you running them on a 0 setting straight back or set to pull out to the side? Just curious, never tried it.

    On the corner with a 9’ rod with power pro. 3 setting on the diver 12’ out. 

    Twice this year as I was setting it I watch a brown swipe at the spoon just below the surface. 

  4. Decided on a afternoon trip Sunday, left the dock around 2 after assessing some damage to gel coat and rub rail from the storm the day prior.  


    Was going to head over west of the river but ran into a small boat that had a good day on browns by shipbuilders.   I had 2 ten year old's with me and they wanted to catch browns.


    Set up a 9 rod spread: 3 x 1 colors, 3 x flat lines, 2 x chinook divers and a DR.  


    Chinook divers and 1 colors took the majority of fish.  Non stop brown action for a couple hours from 8-20' of water.  Boated the first Steelhead of the year as well.


    Before we reeled up I pointed the boat north to see if we could find a king and bam the Chinook diver 12' out starts streaming out to 280'.  The boys did great finessing that fish in with 12lb test.  


    Hot Spoons: Stinger Blueberry muffin cup (See pic) orange stingers


    Plugs: Orange bay rat and j-11 orange jointed rapala 


    It was fun to sit back and let the boys reel and net the fishIMG_6633.thumb.jpg.40b8f21ac2cffe65acbcb7221ae56a7b.jpgIMG_6646.thumb.jpg.7b34f48e826dfc65debf2b6f55df62b0.jpg22.thumb.jpg.41a5034a99e6308432d55ec7af2e32b8.jpg44.thumb.jpg.5f683344f55423707553dea2d7aa624e.jpgIMG_6648.thumb.jpg.45fc737a9718103c3ea52c192ebe871b.jpg




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  5. Was tough to go to work yesterday morning seeing how calm the lake was and I had that fishing itch all day.


    Hit the water after work at 4:30 motored down to shipbuilders only to find clear water moved in.  Searched around but no luck on finding good water inside and picked away at a few. Turned out and worked that 20'-30' and it was game on even had a quad at one point.


    9 rod spread, 2 x chinook divers, 2 x 1 colors, 5 flat lines.


    Both natural and bright colors worked despite the clear water. Chartreuse Bay rat and Smithwick, Mongoose Stinger, Chicken wing Stingers with gold back.  


    Got one close to 10lbs biggest so far.


    Should be back out Saturday weather permitting....



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  6. Kept an eye on the wind all day and around 2:00 the lake laid down so we took our shot at the afternoon window.


    Set down just west of Shipbuilders point, at first the water was a bit to muddy but as we past Shipbuilders to the east the color was perfect and the bites started.


    We worked a 1/2 mile stretch of water and put 25-30 browns in 2 and half hours of fishing.


    Bigger class of fish then last week, bigger ones came on spoons with mongoose stingers taking majority of the fish.


    1 Colors and Chinook divers were the hot set ups in 8'-12' of water 


    This was a first for me, we had to shovel snow off the boat before we left the dock.  I have never been in the this early and needed a bilge heater to get through last weeks temps.  





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  7. What an amazing last week of summer fishing off Rochester 80+ fish in 6 days of fishing  


    28th - Headed way off shore and fished from the 27n-32n.  Great mix of Matures, 2 year old's and steelhead.  There were pods of fish scattered out there so it was crazy chew with doubles and triples followed by short lulls.  Its great seeing the fish come on the panoptix and being ready to grab that rigger.  Must have happened about 10 times that day. 


    Hot Lures: Salmon candy Bam paddle with a green goblin fly (steelhead killer), DW super glow two faced and small silver carbon.


    29th - Back out to the same waters but this time with a goal of getting my daughter a LOC fish.  Fishing was just as good as the day before and around 11:00 I watched a bullet come across the Panoptix and attack the middle rigger.  My daughter was on the rod fast and boated an 11.13 Steelhead which held out for her to win the youth division and 13th overall.  8 of the fish we boated this day were steelhead.


    Same spread


    30/31 - No fishing


    1st - Back out to the same water another great mix of 2 years old's and steelhead (No Matures).  I had my other daughter on the boat looking for any LOC fish but came up short with 2 steelhead around 9lbs


    Same spread


    2nd - Worked 60'-120' in search of stagers and browns but we had a case of the dropsies and went 1 for 7.


    3rd - Evening trip with my daughter and her friends.  Went after Lakers for the first hour to get the rods moving.  After putting 7 Lakers on the boat  we spent 2 hours chasing stagers put 3 on the boat and smiles to go around.


    Hammerhead cowbells with gambler rigs for the Laker's.  When I target Lakers I only run the 2 corner riggers and slow down to 1.6-1.8.  If one rigger goes off I turn into the other rigger to slow it down and it usually produces a double.


    For the kings all moonshine spoons 


    4th - One last effort to get another LOC fish.  Warm water moved way in and the chances of finding a big brown looked bleak so we moved out to 100' to focus on stagers.  Was able to put 5 matures (lost another 5) on the boat , a few browns and some small kings.


    DW super glow two faced took 4 kings and I had a yeck frog spoon near the bottom that took our biggest king.  I had that set for brown trout.  I ran an all spoon set with 2 dipseys, 3 riggers and a weighted steel.  besides the one hit off the bottom everything came out of temp (stagers).  


    Bonus: My daughter was fighting a king and it let go as I was going to net it and ended up with a hook in my nose passed the barb.  Cut it and fed it through and kept fishing.  



    Overall a great week of fishing (The rest of August was amazing also) I'm pulling the boat next week, time to start focusing no hunting prep and coaching football.  


    Tight Lines,





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  8. In addition to what was already said if you want to target them specifically I troll with spoons and crank the speed up to around 3.1.  Additionally Flasher/spin-doctor Fly work good also for them with that speed. 


    With the PANOPTIX I have I can tell if its a steelhead as they come after the baits twice as fast as salmon do.  

  9. I had a similar issue with mine years ago check to see if you have any  steel that might be interfering with the internal autopilot compass and will prevent the pilot from steering well.  I put my tool bag in the cabin one day and the autopilot was going haywire until I figured out the problem.  

  10. I have a 2000 5.0 Volvo Penta closed loop engine.  The boat was starting intermittently which led me to believe it was the starter solenoid because nothing would happen when i turned the key.  


    1. I replaced the starter solenoid it started 20 times no issues

    2. I cleaned all the positive and negative connection and dyaeletric greased everything

    3. Checked all fuses

    4. Put a new starter relay in the engine computer 

    5. Changed the ignition switch

    6. Bypassed the neutral safety switch


    * seems to not start when there is heavy moisture especially after rain.


    Boat is currently stuck in Sodus at Katlyn Marine


    Anyone seen any issues like this in the past?



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