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  1. Thanks. I don't think many fish for browns in the summer but if conditions are right, it's a good time. Steelhead are my backup. On my way up now.
  2. I'm probably coming up tomorrow for browns. Is there a thermocline? Would be nice to get my son and nephew some browns.
  3. Probably making the trip to olcott tomorrow (sunday) for browns. Is the lake set up well? My fish hawk was was busted up (don't store it with the batteries in it over winter) and I just got it back so I'm itching to get out with it. Want to get my son and nephew some footballs.
  4. I was thinking of coming up from PA to olcott Sunday (tomorrow) for browns. I just found out my probe is broken and am debating the trip now. I read the lake is getting churned up today. Would it be worth the 3 1/2 hr trip or should I stick to erie for walleye. Will there be a thermocline? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the help. Due to the olcott reports, we headed to erie and caught 10 eyes from 20"-28". I'll be back in the spring.
  6. The wave forecast looks good for tomorrow. Hoping to head up in a.m.
  7. They love fishing and hunting. Hopefully I can get them on some fish. Never been there this late in the year so I was curious.
  8. Last time I'll ask this year... is the fishing out if olcott still good? Was wanting to bring my nephews on sunday for the salmon or browns. Trading my boat in in a couple weeks on a new one so this will be our last shot, weather permitting, for the year.
  9. Thx for the update. On my way to lake erie. (Sheltered area)
  10. I've got a 3 1/2 hr drive. Hate to get there and not be able to fish.
  11. It said 1 - 2's tomorrow, but I saw the nw wind. I was tempted...
  12. Doing any good on matures out of olcott? Like to head up in the a.m. if it's good.
  13. Thanks for all the info. I'll be up this weekend, weather permitting.
  14. Nice! How deep for the browns? I'll be making the trek tomorrow. The lake didn't flip with the north wind this week, did it?
  15. My nephews would be more than happy with a bunch of 5 to 9 lb browns. Were the steehead in tight with the browns?
  16. Usually launch out of East ave (erie, pa), but also walnut creek, northeast and dunkirk, ny. You?
  17. Thanks for the info. I guess the salmon fishing's out. Is the fishing for browns still good this late in the year? We hammered the eyes on erie last week, but would much rather have a good day on ontario. I'm taking my nephews, so want to get them on some fish.
  18. I'm wondering how the fishing out of olcott is for browns and kings. We'd rather come to olcott if the fishing's good. If not, we're heading to erie for eyes. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  19. We were thinking about making a trip to olcott in a few weeks. How is the salmon / brown trout / steelhead fishing in late august? I've only ever fished there spring and mid-summer. Do they stack up shallow in front of the mouths? Any help would be great.
  20. Once you get the hang of reading the charts, it's cake.
  21. I've always used the charts that come with the dipseys in the package. They are pretty accurate with braid on my dipseys rods. Most guys say how many feet out and what setting. I always have referred to my depth on my chart. If I mark fish at 45 feet, I match that on my dipsey chart with whatever setting it's on. Maybe I'm making a mistake by doing that??? I used the size 0, 1 and mag, depending what I'm fishing for and where. The mags are great for getting down to 100 feet. I pretty much only use the size 0 in lake erie for eyes. I run them out up to around 300 feet and they run way back straight behind the boat so a steelhead would make a real mess of things.
  22. I remember a few years back when the cormorants first got out of control the bass population in eastern Lake O crashed. A few guys got together and shot a bunch an got caught. Then the DEC started started oiling the eggs to help keep the #'s down. The cormorants eat the bass when they are small before they can spawn and that's why it hurts the population. The story was in either FIeld and Stream or Outdoor Life. I guess it doesn't make sense why they're not as big of a problem in Erie. There are tons of cormorants at Dunkirk. Then again, with the walleye, perch, etc., not much on the two lakes is comparable. When they used to stock salmon in Erie, a big king was like a teenager on Ontario.
  23. I fish Lake Erie for bass all the time. The bass fishing is unbelievable. On a good full day, you can catch 100 (not exaggerating). If I drop my camera down, there is a goby on every rock. You definitely can't even think of using live bait. We fish around Erie, pa and Dunkirk, NY for smallies. The cormorants are terrible for the smallmouths. Predator populations are out of control in all shapes and forms. Here in PA, the PGC keeps trying to get the wild pheasant population going like it was in the 70's with no success. It's hard when there is a hawk in the air every 150 yds and foxes, coyotes and bobcats behind every tree.
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