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    Complete Moore Subtroll 900. Includes original display, probe, RCA cable. Torpedo antenna and new power cord are also included. Also in the package are two spools of Torpedo speed and temp downrigger cable. The cable we used has a Walker release on it. That cable is kinked about two feet above the release and should be reterminated. There is also a second Walker release modified to include the electrical connection.

    The items described will be packed in the original box with the instruction booklet.

    Price is $300 shipped. I do not use PayPal so I would prefer a money order. If you want to pay by check the subtroll will be shipped after your check clears. IMG_3439.thumb.JPG.5b1a5ac8080730ed622777291cdd4887.JPG



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    Here’s a little sweetener for the deal. I was cleaning stuff out of the boat today and found a Walker release that is still in the blister pack as well as a spool of coated downrigger cable with the original heat shrink wrap in place. I will put them in the box for the same price of $300 shipped. IMG_3442.JPG

  2. For our last trip of the year we brought my nephew Mike and his son Jacob. Two newbies. Checked temp at 150 fow and found 69 degrees at 100’. No good at 250 or 300. Went out to the 32 line and found a few fish. Mostly teenagers but we did land one mature and a nice steelhead. Best spoon was a 42nd at 81’ deep which brought in four of our six kings. The best diver was a chrome NBK Spin Dr with a green glow fly out 140’. We will try it again tomorrow before we haul the boat home on Monday. IMG_2742.JPG





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  3. After the blowoff two weeks earlier this was a pretty good trip. Saturday bite was early with a mature king and brown trout on the boat before our spread was set. IMG_2686.JPG[attachment=92186:IMG_2697.JPThe bite was over by 11 am though. Out best lure was a chrome 42nd spin Dr pulling a green glow fly at 120 ft. We ended the day with five fish landed including three mature kings. We lost three and had several strikes with no hookup. We fished in 100 to 150 fow from a couple miles east of the harbor to just slightly west.

    Sunday was a different day. We started in the same area as Saturday but got nothing. Worked our way out to 500 to 550 fow and picked up 9 two year old kings and five steelhead. Kept a few. The best presentation for kings was a Gold NBK at 95’. All of our steelhead were caught on a Luhr Jensen Coyote spoon at 55’.




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  4. Bought our fishing licenses on Wednesday afternoon only to find out Thursday that licenses wouldn’t be needed starting Friday. Oh well.

    We fished 100-150 fow right out front on Thursday am and caught 5 fish on five different presentations. Meat on our probe rigger, two different spin dr fly combos and two different spoons all caught. IMG_2576.JPGIMG_2593.JPG

    We fished east from 100-400 fow on Friday and had a slow go of it. Lost a couple early and didn’t land a fish unit around noon.

    Things picked up and we finished with three kings and two steelhead. Fish came on meat behind a 300 copper, orange

    Spoon pulled by a 10 color, spin dr fly, but the setup firing most was a

    Gold 42nd spoon down 90. IMG_2596.JPG

    Saturday was definitely our best day as we fished west of port near the 27 line. Fish were taken on gold nbk on a 300 copper, meat on a wire diver, the same 10 color,

    But once again the best was a gold 42nd spoon fished deep. Finished the morning with 8 kings and one steelhead. Biggest were 24 and 20 pounds. IMG_2619.JPG



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  5. A few years ago I had an issue where if I started the wash down pump the electrical system would shut down. Finally discovered that the main hot wire to the fuse block was loose. Tightened it down good and no problems since.



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  6. We are on our first trip to Lake O for the year. Arrived Wednesday afternoon and idled upriver to Wiley’s to dock and secure Li’l Bit. Left the dock about 6:30 and started out front in about 90 fow. We trolled around west of the harbor in mostly 100-130 fow and picked up several decent kings and one steel. IMG_1961.JPGIMG_1964.JPG

    Overall we kept four kings and one steel. We released four and lost four others.


    Yesterday we hit the lake a little earlier and passed the wall about 5:50 am. We tried west again and picked up one king. IMG_1976.JPG

    Then we went east and got our boat best 16 pound brown. IMG_1973.JPG

    While leading tat one to the net we had a screaming reel on a diver that resulted I our first 20 pound king of the season. IMG_1974.JPG

    We also had 16 and 18 pound kings yesterday. IMG_1984.JPG

    Best lures have been a green/black spoon with a white ladder and two diver setups - a black double crush glow spin doctor pulling a blue hammer fly and a chrome uv two face son doctor with a stud glo fly. Riggers have been at 30 ft to 90 ft and divers have been out 125-180. Fleas have been present but not a problem.


    Kids want to go to Niagara Falls this morning so we might get out this afternoon - or maybe not.



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  7. A few observations. We run a Moore Subtroll. Varying speed from 2.0-2.3 can be productive. For us that is 800-1000 rpm. Also finding a temperature break and working the break can produce some big fish. Change up speeds and presentations and then work that hard until it stops working.

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