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  1. I am interested but I have an 11 year old who may not be gets bored when the action is not crazy typical kid does not know how to relax and enjoy, if you don't mind a kid we might be able to set something up send me your phone number or email and we can try to make arrangements thanks Shawn
  2. Thanks for the info guys I am greatful I have always picked my days on big lakes swimming with your boat sinking is not a good idea if anyone has any more hints it would be great thanks a bunch and when I get out I will let you know how I did (Ihave a weather radio so I can pick my days) I can't afford a charter.
  3. I would just like to let you know that it is against the law in Ontario to sell antlers at all so if you are trying to get rid of the stuff you may want to contact the Ministry to get the info from them because if they catch you the fines are astronomical (up to 20,000) I think the pelts may fall under the trappers licence system again contact the ministry You may also want to donate them to an organisation OFAH or Bass Pro good luck
  4. Hi my name is Shawn and I would like to go salmon fishing any where for Brighton to Port Darlington in the next couple of weeks. I have one problem I only have a 14 foot aluminum with a 20 Honda on it although I have fished successively on Lake Erie for several years Salmon and Walleye Rigger and Dipsy I do not know this lake very well. Could someone please let me know if, where, what depth and anything else that might be helpful for me like where to buy the flies that everyone is talking about (never used them on Erie) Any help would be great thanks.
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