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  1. Only way to learn is jump right in. Trolling with downriggers is easier than with dipsy and or planer boards. That can get hairy. Jump in!! you will be just fine. Remeber your weights are right behind you. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks Land shark, Where can one pick up some big weenies? That didnt sound good at all. LOLLOL!!!
  3. Heading up to Olcott next weekend want to purchase some gear for trip. Wondering what anyone has to say for the best fall combinations for kings ect???
  4. Thanks Vince. Do you believe September if the weather is in my favor a good time time to troll for these big pigs???
  5. Vince, How far from Olcott is the bar??? Sounds like you have done good there. Wasnt able to make it up this weekend (truck problems) but next weekend is a sure go. Hope weather pans out. Need some silver to hit the back side of my boat.... LOL!! Never fished for kings in september, just always in August. Some have told me to give up for the year. But I need a King fix w a 6 man crew!!! Thanks, Josh
  6. Looking for some info on the Olcott fishing scene outside of the river. Thinking of heading up next weekend. Any help is good help. Long drive and a big boat to tow. ??? Gas isn't cheap as we all know --- Thanks, Josh
  7. Thanks for the reply. Was planning on running 2 rod per rigger w/ stackers. Then also 2 to 4 rods off the sides w dipsy's. First trip w my new rig and really excited. Hope to pull some silver. I have some j's. Do you run them off to down riggers? What are you favorite spin fly combonation for fall? Looks like my plans have changed leaving this week to go up. Pends on the weather of course.
  8. Hey boys! Headin up to Olcott around the nineth of september. New to the whole king game. I have four downriggers. Need to know how many rods I can run off of those? Also what is good to put down for those kings, fly , spinnies , Jplugs ect. Any help is appreciated -
  9. Thats a great day. I am coming up to Olcott in three weeks. Wondering how the fishing is in mid september???
  10. What does NK, DW stand for, looking where to purchase some spoons and flies for the fall?
  11. Wondering what pound mono line to run if I was chasing september kings and browns??? Any help Boys???
  12. Name: Josh Location:Cleveland Home Port:Chagrin river Boat Name/Type:255 amberjack I fish for:Everything. Walleye, steelhead, salmon ================== Hey Boys, I just joined to read up on salmon fishing. Been trolling for walleye and steelhead on lake erie for awhile. Now want to head to Ontario for kings and browns. Have all the gear downriggers dipsy ect...... But not to sure on the rigging of flashers, dodgers, j-plugs, flies, spin doctors. Any suggestions I like to hear from anyone. Good luck fishing !!! (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
  13. Name: samas Location:eastlake Home Port:eastlake Boat Name/Type:255 amberjack I fish for:everything!!! ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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