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  1. I had a similar problem on my 1985 21' trophy a couple of year ago. on my firsdt run out of the season. Turns out that I had a pinhole leak in my drift shaft boot. Water had gotten in there and sat over the winter turning the ujoint bearins and the drive shaft bearing into rust filled bearings. Poor engine was fighting a lot of friction! It's only one thing to check. But I would also recommend posting over at Baylinerownersclub.net in their technical forums. There are some mechanics there that specialize in bayliners and in particular the volvo powertrain.
  2. Wow, that POR-15 looks like a good product, and with your testimonial and the positive reviews looks like a decent alternative to blasting/priming/painting (and a good deal less work too). Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I honestly have never repaired aluminum before, but I did work for a state park where they rented out aluminum canoes' and every once in a while the renters would punch a rock through the bottom and I had seen several of them which had been repaired by cutting out a damaged section, and welding in a new patch. They'd grind it flat on the exterior and leave it ridged around the patch inside. That was kind of my reference for asking around. I know that welding aluminum is very difficult to say the least. If I was patching it myself, I would probably go with the rivet method, and may yet do that since I am an absolute complete amateur at welding and never tackled aluminum before. But I'll check with Michael Mattessich there. If it can't be welded, or if he try's to weld it and it doens't work, I can always laminate a patch on with rivets. In the particular area where it is on the boat, there isn't really any structural implications, you could pretty much cut away the damaged section and the worst you would get would be some spray from the water. Thanks for the words of wisdom! John R.
  4. I am refurbishing an aluminum boat that was damaged in a barn fire. One area up high on the gunwale (not really a structural area of the boat) was heat damaged, and the aluminum there crystalized and cracked. It's about a 4" X 9" area. I was wondering if anyone would know of a good aluminum welder around the Syracuse area that could do this repair. John R.
  5. I have a small 16' aluminum boat I am refinishing for a small water boat, and the trailer is in pretty bad shape... works great but a lot of rust. I was wondering if anyone knows a place around the Syracuse area that will sand blast it for me, and possibly prime/ powder coat it without taking me for a ride.
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