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  1. Well managed to get out this past weekend, fished fri night we went 2 for 2 on kings. fished 120ft, 100 down front of the SR river, both on Frogga SD & Green Hammer. Sat morning didn't move a rod, but boy did we get beat up with the waves. called it a day at 11:00 and took us 2 hrs to get in from 140ft of water. Sunday morning went 2 for 2 again in the same area 1 king on a blue and green Pro troll and a Brownie on a NBK slider. Stayed out all day and didn't move another rod Same thing on Monday, fished until noon and nothing. Marked a ton of bait and fish 120-140ft, from Selkirk to the Dunes but no takers. Good luck to whoever gets back out again and thanks again for all the info everyone is willing to share. And by the way, Paul you still owe 5 tickets for that ride we had coming in on Sat......LOL
  2. Thanks guys for the feed back. Heading up tomorrow morning until Monday, I'll let you know how we do. And it's nice to know that there's people out there that will share info that they have worked for to help some of us that are still figuring this all out. THanks
  3. Just curious on everyone's thoughts after a bad stir up of the Lake this late in the season? Planning on coming up on Thursday until Monday to fish Mexico, and have been watching the weather and sure looks like it's a blow off for the first 2 days. Considering how strange this season has been and having 5 hr ride just wondering your thoughts on how much it will affect the bite after the stir up. Just seems the fish are really late and might be worth waiting another week and hope the weathers better. knowing this will be our last trip of the year and it was slow fishing earlier. Just wondering everyone's thoughts since it seems going by some of the posts that the Thermo is still in play and the fish are still kind of spotty.
  4. Fished Sat from 6;30am to 8:00pm out in front of the plant 300-330fow down 90-100. We went 2-3 (17# & 21#) 1 on dipsy 275 back with froggy SD & Green Hammer & 1 on rigger back 25 down 95 used another green SD & Hammer glow. Sun worked out front of plant again in 150-200fow. Went 2 for 3 again 1 laker and 1 steelie both of these came on white flasher and fly. Both days running 2.2-3.0. Slow fishing didn't see a lot of bait or mark a lot. Fleas very bad, thought about changing snubbers out to flea collars. Be back up in 2 weeks to give it another shot.
  5. Thanks Guys. I appreciate all the info. I consider myself a rookie considering I only get the chance to make it up there once or twice a year for the past 4 yrs. It's nice to have people that are willing to share what they have learned through the years. Good fishing and be safe. I'll have a beer for all of you. And not all at once....still want to be able to reel the fish in...lol
  6. Maybe you guys can help settle a minor disagreement. We run 2 Dipseys and 3 riggers, my buddy always insists that we reel in all the lines once we hook up on a fish. His reasoning is that it will tangle all the lines and also harder to net with all the rods in the way. I think we should leave them out, can't get a double if your lines aren't in the water. loser has to buy the beer when were up in the next few weeks. Thanks for the input.
  7. Anything going on out front of the Salmon River or towards the ponds? Or best bet still out front of the plant?
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