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  1. nice fish! how thick was the ice out that deep been thinking about taking the wheeler out there since i can only get on at the penn yan side and thats too far to walk to get to 120ft
  2. thanks bassn247. went out sun on long pond from 8 to 12 got 10 10in+ perch couple white perch and lost somthing big on the tip down. carefull if anyone goes out there was 5 to 6 gas pockets 10ft in diameter now with the little snow and somewhat cold temps they might be skimmed over but not thick enough to walk on. the ice was 14in+ where i was fishing just spud your way out
  3. if you dont mind me asking bassn247 where were you at on long pond the silver bass are actually good eats if filet right thanks
  4. vexilar fl20 ultra pack with brand new battery this year. dont use it as much as i should and would like to free up some cash for a new fish hawk or fish finder 375$/bo these units are close to 600 brand new
  5. gambler i had the total opposite had maybe 5 males out of the 40 i cleaned sat
  6. did good on sat from 8 to 12 40 between the 2 of us 25 to 30 ft of water. threw back just as many. careful launching water is down and trailer went off concrete was a pain to get out in 4 low
  7. it is a mercury. i have not tried calling a dealer yet will give that a shot
  8. i have had an 1986 75 hp motor sitting around for somtime now with a broken crank finally took it apart and looking for a crankshaft for it have tried ebay with no success was wondering if anyone knew any places to try to dig one up. thanks
  9. does not stumble at high speeds just takes awhile to get there, can push the throttle all the way down and does not accelerate takes a min to get to speed . new plugs last fall with only had the boat out twice with new plugs, new gas about a week ago. checked the wires they all look good. the motor is a 1986 and the prop is brand new a year ago. i had problems a couple months ago with gas coming out of the vent jet so i took the carbs off cleaned them and the boat ran at full speed put would not run at trolling speed so took them back off to make sure i didnt miss anything put them back on and now idles fine runs at low speed good but just wont jump to full throttle right. thanks guys
  10. i have a 75 hp mercury 2 stroke. the motor starts right up idles fine trolls perfect but when i go to full throttle it does not rev up right away and even when it gets to full speed its not as fast as it should be. just had the carbs off and cleaned them. anybody have any ideas on what it might be? been missing alot of fishing this year bc of this motor lol . thanks in advanced
  11. thanks guys i did know about warrens and hills just dont want to drive that far rather be fishing but if if i do lose that one lure who knows how far ill go to get it . Zebedee i would love to fish the big fish friday but unfortunately i wont be coming up till late friday due to work. good luck to everyone in the tourny
  12. i will be staying just outside dresden for the derby this weekend only be the second time fishing seneca for trout and salmon. i was wondering if there are any tackle shops near by just in case i need more of a hot lure lol . thanks
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