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  1. Name: dale jones Location:pa Home Port:oak orchard Boat Name/Type:Heaven Bound I fish for: ================== Hello Im new here just getting started. My name is Dale Jones nephew of Duane Jones who many of you may know. And have probably heard of his unexpected passing away. I love fishing Lake Ontario as he did but maybe not as much. It was his life other than his lovely family who miss him very much.I hope to visit this site often. thanks Dale (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
  2. Thanks to everyone with those kind words for my uncle. My name is Dale Jones, Duanes nephew. I have never been to this web site befor but it wont be my last. I have fished since I was 10 years old now 35 ,I missed a few years in between there for competitive archery. I recently started coming fishing again with Duane and remembered my passion could be close to his for Lake Ontario. That trip that he talked my wife to come up was his last trip be for he became ill.It started us all to love Oak Orchard and Lake Side Beach State Park,we got the camper and the works .Duane dear friend Chris who has fished with him for years and I are going to keep the boat fishing and introduce others to ths great fishery we could never be the fisherman he was but we'll give it a go.If you see us in Heavenound but we dont know you please give a wave and let us know who you are. It wont be the same ever again but its what he wound want.Thanks again for the kind words and good fishing to all.
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