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  1. Anyone whose dealt with the folks at Fish Hawk know what I'm about to say. Great people to deal with for repairs and or warranty issues. Sent to LCD's to them one warranty one not. Week and a half I had both back no charges and they included swag. Sent a probe to them 5 days ago, they couldn't repair it so they sent me a new one, much lower price than any on line. Kudos to a great product and employees...
  2. Good luck with the sale Lucas, looks as good as the day I sold it to you 10 yrs ago!
  3. was your boat ever in salt, does it have dripless packings and recently surveyed? Thank you in advance
  4. If your boat is docked on the oak below marine park you may want to look it over for potential damage resulting from sheriffs emergency marine response yesterday afternoon as they traveled towards lake. Moored boats were knocked around fairly violently at their docks. Marina staff reported damage to one boats' swim platform as a result. Just a heads up.
  5. Yes, pump, rudder angle indicator is used from st 6001. Although new rudder angle indicator is included in kit.
  6. I found the site by googling Raymarine. An add popped up for Raymarine factoryoutletstore.com out of NY NY Raymarine.factoryoutletstore.com
  7. I just paid $1649 free shipping +8% sales tax for a power EV-200 from factory outlet.com. Had unit in three days. Took about 4 hr to switch out a 6001.
  8. Recently upgraded autopilots. I have the electronic controller, head, and two fluxgate compasses I'll sell for parts. This operated a hydraulic steered twin screw. Before removing it intermittently gave a code of "no data" during auto on a 330 heading. $150.00 takes all. Local pickup only Point Breeze, NY area. I believe the issue was in the electronic controller, the head and compasses should be good.
  9. Lake Breeze Marina is now the main one. Up river is Orleans County Marine Park, then Wiley's Marina, and further up is Captains Cove who also offers docking.
  10. RYE


    Has anyone ever changed out an st 6001 autopilot for an ev200. I don't think the hydraulics will need changed out. My 6001 stopped working correctly last season and I'm trying to decide whether I want to tackle the switch myself. Already tried another fluxgate compass on the 6001 with no change. Existing unit will not calibrate. Thank you in advance for your reply
  11. Surface was 54 near the break wall at 2:30p today. It has already flipped.
  12. RYE

    Battery Advice

    I got 6 years out of a set of 29 series Interstates on a charter boat. Just my $.02...
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