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  1. thank you everyone for the information
  2. Hi everyone, This coming spring will be my first season out of Mexico Point for spring fishing. I have always fished out of Oswego and have moved my boat to Mike's Marina. Not looking for any secret spots, but would love some info to point me in the right direction. I will be fishing at the end of April and the middle of May. Thanks Greg
  3. Thanks for the info, are there any shallow areas ? sandbars or hidden boulders ? or spots that have 10' of water then all of a sudden you are in 2' ?
  4. Hi everyone, I know this is kinda early. Next spring will be my first season out of Mexico Point for spring fishing, Can anybody tell me of any bad spots I need to stay away from? Love fishing in close to shore but being a new place I am worried about hitting something. Thanks Greg
  5. Yes I am selling the reel, $40.00 plus shipping. Please let me know if you are interested


    Thanks Greg

  6. I would I would sell it yes, just seeing what there was for interest. Make me an offer if you are interested
  7. I have a used 47LC I am thinking about either selling or rebuilding the drag system. I figured before I tore it apart I would check online and see what anybody is willing to pay for this reel. It has about 1000' of wire on it, reel is in excellent shape. it has not been used very much at all. Greg
  8. joe Vatta came down from Sodus to do survey at Mikes Marina, very happy
  9. Sorry about that Targeting Salmon & Steelhead
  10. If you had to pic (3) go to lures. Which brand, size, series and name of lure, would you choose. I know a lot depends on time of day and whether it’s sunny or overcast. But let’s throw out those variables. And just choose your (3) go to or favorites. thanks Greg
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