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  1. Charlie P thank you! So I think it was you that asked about boat gear etc. 1998 Trophy 1903 cc, 120 Mercury. Just bought a trolling plate to slow it down. I have 2 walker manual down riggers, 2 or 3 trolling rods, Okuma reels with line counters, braid. 2 dipsy diver, a few flies, a couple flashers, a bunch of spoons of different sizes and patterns. I also have a bunch of other rods from 5 to 13 feet, reels, all sorts of other lures. Plus fixed and clip on planer board, and a planer board tree I still need to mount. I've been accumulating! 

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  2. 38 minutes ago, Jeremy Goodison said:

    I’ve been dodging kids events all yr but next weekend weather permitting I’m hoping to get out do some fishing. I’m always more than happy to have a guest. I primarily fish afternoons out of braddocks or bald Eagle.

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    Jeremy that would be fantastic! Only thing for me next weekend, is I have a kayak tournament on Saturday. I fish the NYKBF series and we're on Hemlock and Canadice next Saturday. I'll message you my number, and we can stay in touch.


  3. Hi All,

     I've been working off and on for the last several years, trying to figure out a lot of this fishery. Would anyone be willing to take me out, teach me the proper way to set up the rods, downriggers, the whole gamut? I'll gladly pay fuel, food, time, etc. Or recommend a charter captain that would be willing to do this? I'm tired of fumbling around. I have 8 year old twin boys that are really showing serious interest in it, so it's important to me to learn to do this properly for a change. Not asking for secret spots or any of that stuff. Just education. I learn much better from hands on, rather than watching Youtube. I don't even need to reel in a fish. Just set up, and tackle recommendations etc. I'm in Canandaigua, but traveling isn't a problem. 



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  4. So since I'm getting ready to start trolling with my kayak for the first time, let me ask a question to your question. Are you trolling only spoons? Because I was going to use plano type boxes that fit under my seat, with pieces of pool foam cut to hold the hooks. I'm still pretty new to the trolling aspect up here for trout and salmon. I've only been out with a few charters. 


  5. Hey all, I'm new to walleye and been doing some research but want to run some stuff by on here and see what feedback I get. I have all sorts of jigs to throw if I can figure out a size, but what about throwing and trolling lures like Rapala's?

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