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  1. Fished from Catfish towards the high rocks Sunday. Hit two browns in 42 fow early, then didn't move a rod. Had pretty good screens early, but as soon as the sun got high enough, the fish scattered. A day on the water, catching or not, is better than sitting home. Sent from my SCH-I405 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Went 2 for 3. Lost a screamer first thing this morning on 5 color leadcore. Picked up 2 lakers before 9 am, then washed lures until 2. All fish came between 225 & 300 fow. Sent from my SCH-I405 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I agree, fished hard all day Saturday and a half day Sunday. Saturday managed one decent laker while setting up, thought it was going to be a good day. Had one more knock off an hour later, that was it for the next 5 hours. Fished from 50fow to 135fow with only one fish. Sunday switched it up a bit and started in tighter. Hit one nice "football" brown around 10lbs but didn't touch another rod the rest of the morning. Fish came in 90fow water 45 down. Had some decent screens out in front of the plant, but couldn't get anything going. Guys were doing well with the lakers, but the brown/salmon bite was slow.
  4. Was out of Mexico on 4/13 and the report was pretty much the same there. We went 1 for 1 with a nice 8 pound brown. Other than that, we only marked a few fish in the 7 hours on the water. Worked from in tight out to 35 fow, kept changing the program, but couldn't get anything going. Only saw one other net go in the water, but there really wasn't a whole lot of boat traffic around. Warm water was no where to be found, 39.5 was the best temp we saw. Gave the boat a good shake down, so it wasn't a total loss. Fishing is only going to get better!
  5. I have been buying my NY state license for 25 years, and I will continue to buy it no matter what the cost is. I spend just about every weekend on the lake, many trips to the Salmon River each year, a few weekends on Oneida, and a 5 day trip each year up around the St. Lawerence. There's a reason why I travel to NY from PA to fish..................the fishing is better! The way I look at it is, if the money is there and there is a surplus, put it aside for another day. Always good to have some "mad money". It's just like the gas prices, we all complained when it went from $1.50 to $4.00, now we think we're getting a deal when it drops to $3.50/gallon. Leave the license fee where it is. Just my opinion.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has been on any of the tribs after Sanday and what the conditions are like. Read in another post that there wasn't a whole lot going on as of the end of October. Hoping that has changed. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Maybe the Captain needs a better first mate!! Hank was probably busy sharpening his knives!!
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