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  1. So I'm thinking about getting a couple downrigger setups. Would an 8'3" ugly stik with a 30 size okuma and some 20lb flea flicker be adequate? Im going to be using them for general trout and salmon trolling. [ Post made via iPod ]
  2. Hey guys im just wondering what you do when you pop a fish off a release and want to reset it. Do you just leave the clip out there? [ Post made via iPod ]
  3. I'm going to keep looking so that makes them yours. [ Post made via iPod ]
  4. Ya Im going to try to find some electrics butvif I can't find any reasonably priced ones then I'm going to have to go with hand crank. [ Post made via iPod ]
  5. Alright thanks guys i think im going to take what i can get then. [ Post made via Android ]
  6. How ultra light were these rods you were getting the kings on? [ Post made via iPod ]
  7. Hey guys is it worth waiting to find a good price on some electric riggers or should I just pull the trigger on some nice hand crank riggers like cannon uni-trolls. Is it really that big of a hassle to hand crank them? I'm looking at getting 2. [ Post made via iPod ]
  8. If i use that heavy of big game will it keep the fleas off as good as flea flicker. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. What are the best planer boards right now? [ Post made via iPod ]
  10. How much 30lb mono would be necessary for general salmon trolling? Also is Flea Flicker thicker than standard mono if so by how much. [ Post made via iPod ]
  11. Hey guys just looking for any tips on how to catch some springers. Thanks. [ Post made via Android ]
  12. Next year when im running wire dipsys when I am done fishing and need to put it away at the end of the day how to I store it without having the wire getting kinked or should I not worry about that? Do you see what I mean? [ Post made via Android ]
  13. Do you know of any rods that have those guides? [ Post made via iPod ]
  14. I'm thinking that when the time comes I'll get an accudepth. [ Post made via iPod ]
  15. Are roller guides needed for wire and are blue diamond rods good? [ Post made via iPod ]
  16. Well you could try a snap weight system like 2 oz or try running a bottom bouncer or a 3 way rig all with spoons behind. The deeper you go keep increasing the weight.... I think snap weight is your best bet. Just go try it out but I would go a little deeper and try for lakers right near the bottom. [ Post made via iPod ]
  17. Thanks alot guys it really helped. Now I just have to pick one!!!! [ Post made via iPod ]
  18. Is there any way to get rapala reels in the us because they look solid? [ Post made via iPod ]
  19. The reason I ask this is because it seems like every time I see a reel used for wire, copper etc. There's no line counter so how do you know how far out you are? Example CV55L [ Post made via iPod ]
  20. What do you have for equipment? (boat,downriggers, planer boards, dipsy rods) [ Post made via iPod ]
  21. Alright thanks guys alot of people say that cork is a bad choice for the reason of getting chewed up but I have the big jon style holders so no worries there. More suggestions would still be appreciated though!!!! [ Post made via iPod ]
  22. I am wondering if there are any good cork handle planer board rods out there. I was thinking about a Daiwa Heartland Salmon & Steelhead 8' 6" Medium Action Graphite....These won't be pulling in lines but is that a good choice for Walleye and Browns? [ Post made via iPod ]
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