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  1. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Lowrance Mark-4. I'm wondering because I currently have a Lowrance X100 and an Eagle Cuda 350. With that I'm mostly focused on the GPS on the Mark-4. My main concern is if the basic map that comes with it is very detailed or if I should get a chip. Also if any one has any experience with the DSI........is it worth it? Thanks.
  2. Alright thanks I'll probably end up going with some 30lb big game
  3. Hey guys just wondering what kind of line I should get for downriggers rods. I was thinking either 30lb ande or 20lb flea flicker.
  4. Hey guys could you tell me what you think is the best planer board for general trolling around $100 or less. Thanks.
  5. You could put on 21yds of the mono after that.
  6. What pound down rigger weight is adequate. Is a 13lb torpedo shape weight good.
  7. Alright thanks maybe I'll take that route. Thanks! [ Post made via iPod ]
  8. How about 27lb leadcore. [ Post made via iPod ]
  9. So the very small diameter wont be a problem just the strength?
  10. haha wow I wish I could find that.......so is 20lb power pro too thin?
  11. Will bleeding them make a difference? Also will that keep them real close to the original color or does that just even out all of the color change.
  12. So I have found a decent deal on some old Penn 209's and was thinking about buying them for some budget copper set ups. With them being to be able to hold 320yd/20lb I've calculated that they could hold 300' of .028 copper and 310 yd of 20lb Power Pro for backing. Is 20lb Power Pro just too thin for backing? Thanks.
  13. I mean the color of skin for pictures at the end of the trip.
  14. Is there a way to keep the color in fish once you kill them? Would it help if you bleed them? Thanks. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. They're pretty fast......good backbone. [ Post made via iPod ]
  16. Hi I'm just wondering a few things. 1. Is there a good population of Cohos near Henderson? 2. In the summer where should I look for them? Any help is appreciated guys.....also if your wondering why I am wondering how to catch them it's because I heard they are a tasty little fish. Thanks. [ Post made via iPod ]
  17. What I'm saying though is it looks like there's a good population of them how do you catch them in the season? [ Post made via iPod ]
  18. Hi guys this is driving me crazy.... I've seen some videos of the walleyes in the inlet and keep saying to myself "I would love to get down there and try for some of those". Can anyone give me some tips on how to catch them? Thanks. [ Post made via iPod ]
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