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  1. Just a thought on the loc derby. There are quite a few fishermen and women who fish the late afternoon and evening hours. I know this for a fact as I was fishing last weekend during the evening. We hooked into a king, that would not let go. Kept taking line, I bring in five to ten feet, and the king took out fifty.. feisty fish for sure. It took almost and hour to land this big boy, but as it was after 8:00pm, we could not get to a weigh in station in time. The king was not over 30, but it would have made a spot on the derby.. oh well that is fishing and perhaps better luck next time.. Hooked this one west of the oak, but east of Olcott.
  2. longline: Thank you for posting the charts, and it surely explains why the water levels rose, and then receded. If the earthquakes in chile effected the Great Lakes and I was on shore and noticed it, I wonder what it would have been like out on the lake fishing at that time. Thankfully there wasn't any damage, but it is quite a site to see water rise over the shore line and then recede back. Thanks again for the responding post.. layover 22
  3. Name: layover 22 Location: orleans county Home Port: Boat Name/Type: I fish for: pleasure ================== (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here). Did anyone notice any rise of Lake Ontario waters Saturday afternoon, with quick receding. We notice a surge in creek levels from the lake, and just as fast the levels went down. Looked like a small tsunami. Don't know what would cause this. Anyone out there have any ideas????
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