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  1. go to north shore report- 38 lb salmon caught she's a big one
  2. Pickerel Killer- heading to GB for a few days -buddy has a cottage for a week-just wondering if you are having any luck salmon fishing. your name sugest walley is your fish of choice-went out last night in front of the Blue Water Bridge- got 5 nice ones
  3. Im in Sarnia I fish a fair bit on southern Lake Huron was ok salmon fishing earlier this year but really slow now -a hundred feet of water is 20 miles out , looking for some good salmon fishing -will consider any spots on Ontario also considering going the other way to lake Michigan but the drive is twice as far. im a salmon fisherman on a lake that has salmon but are very hard to catch. There are other species -walleye -bass, but salmon trolling is my passion.
  4. looks like the trip will be end of August beginning of September-is the salmon trolling ok at this time or do they get into spawn/river mode at this time? thanks for the info given
  5. I'm planning a salmon fishing trip to Lake Ontario Aug 10th weekend-where should I go - thinking about Toronto Island but have not seen many reports from TO. Im trailering my 302 Wellcraft so I can go anywhere -just thought TO would give us,me and my buddies, something to do when not fishing. thanks
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