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  1. Found and purchased! Thank you fishing farmer!
  2. Im looking at one in canada right now. I will let you know right away if i still need one. Thank you very much sir.
  3. Title says it all, lost our probe yesterday and need a replacement asap. Will pay for it to be shipped from states to canada. Thank you
  4. Its a real shame people act like this but it will never stop, you only have a couple choices and they are ignore it or do something about it. Generally if you ignore it and let it go its the end of it. If you do something about it the consequences can be unfortunate to say the least. Frankly, i never tolerated bullying in school when i was younger or anywhere once i was an adult and i never will. This may cause me some negative impact but you can be damn sure nobody including myself will be bullied while im there, i simply wont tolerate it, it will go as far as they want but these people should be taught a lesson.
  5. I run my leads between 15 and 40 feet back off my riggers, i always start closer to the boat than stretch them out as i go until something works.
  6. Stick to ff on the dipseys and run meat or spoons on the riggers, your leader between flasher and fly should only be a couple feet long, your leader from flasher to meat should be 4-6 feet long depending on the day. I wouldnt be certain everything is at the right speed if you are not catching anything, keep mixing it up till something works. Some days i troll as fast as 3.5mph down speed and slam fish.
  7. Sounds like fun, shoulda been in the derby with a 32lb fish this year
  8. Thats a fantastic day! Id love to have one like that any time.
  9. Figured id add that i posted a report a few weeks ago that didnt recieve a single response, which is fine but instead of people constantly posting and begging for spots and tricks and tips maybe they could actually read a report or 2 and try to learn something. I remember when the north shore forum actually had reports, not just newbs looking for a pile of free info without doing any work whatsoever themselves.
  10. I post a few reports every year but this year i havent got out much and when i have fished its been pretty slow, usually 10 or less hits a day with 6-8 fish in the boat. The bluffs have been rough this year. Ill be out sat so ill try to grace you with a report ok bud!
  11. Sorry did you say you went 14/14 with them all being over 23lbs? Or inches? Lol
  12. 28/36 aint to shabby considering what the fishing has been like this year, we went out saturday and brought 10 fish to the boat almost all were out of deeper water and only 1 pushing 20lbs. Caught two nice steelies as well.
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