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  1. If everything works I'll take it. send me a message Keith
  2. I can offer 450.00 and I will pay shipping
  3. I live in NH and I just talked to mass and NY state police and there are NO travel band in either state. charter boats are shut down, private boats are ok as long as there are less than 10 people on board. stream fishing is ok in the rivers, streams and creeks. but good luck in finding a place to sleep unless you bring up a camper.
  4. I have owned Cannon MAG 10's for about 10 years, and in my opinion the best entry level downriggers to start with. mag 5's are good also but have a short arm and no swivel base. the Mag 10 does they stop coming up as soon as the ball nears the surface so it wont hit your boat.
  5. Does anyone if you can get out at stoney creek? or is it still Iced over? In henderson
  6. they sell an antenna like you said w/ a ratchet mount you can put on the gunnel of your boat, then lay it down in the winter. works great on my boat
  7. use your main motor to steer. thats what I do
  8. salmon are preditors!they are hunters. I feel they strike harder at night. they feel safer at night, plus you dont have to deal with charter boats
  9. Thanks for all the info guys. I have been to the trench and the finger. is the finger the same as the mountain?
  10. Anyone seeing any salmon up in the area? or do I need to go out to the lanes? my wife got a BIG brown 18.6 lbs but no salmon. Is there any place close to me (henderson area) where I can bring my 85 year old dad to get into some salmon? I got a big enough boat 22 FT, How bout some help guys??
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