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  1. My old man said the same thing this morning...."east wind is never good" lol good luck!
  2. Hey Santana2, your report sounds like my report for today. Lots of bait, saw a bunch of good hooks, also had some streakers but couldn't get them to hook up... Cheers
  3. Cool. Thanks for the info Here's a question....I run spindoctors and flies. Do you think they present the same as a dodger and fly? Sent from my SM-G870W using Tapatalk
  4. ya service charges on top of service charges plus tax blah blah blah...the money grab is getting little disgusting. I wouldn't mind so much if we could see a solid contribution back into the fisheries but that hasn't happened yet. Congrats on the nice fish, hopefully she will come back for a visit... I'm heading out tomoro AM for a quick fish with the old man, hopefully a successful fish. Its been tough this year. Cheers
  5. Barrow, no derby ticket? Thats an great fish! No, I didn't see the limit cut. Not sure the reason, the bows are everywhere...
  6. I was out yesterday morning and Thursday morning. Got skunked on Thursday, yesterday only managed a 8lb bow and lost probably another bow on the diver. Both fish on spoons, 175fow down 40 on the rigger and out 110ft on 3 setting on the diver. Marked lots of bait in tight and some nice hooks but couldn't get them to hook up. I think theres just so much bait its hard to compete for the bite. I marked bait balls from 20ft down past 75 feet solid. How could they pass up all that and decide to hit my lure? Anyhow, back at it again hopefully for a whitby pm fish on Sunday. Good luck everyone
  7. Went out on Friday July 3rd. Went deep as 170FOW and in shallow. Big Fat Skunk. But I did wash every piece of equipment I have...lol
  8. If your tires are wearing at the edges then they are under inflated. If they are wearing straight down the middle they are over inflated. If its a hot day and I have a long haul I will slightly under inflate, like what was mentioned about 5% knowing that as I drive they will heat up quite a bit. Cheers
  9. I have 2 1101's that are going to work better for my boat. I have a 17 1/2ft deep V aluminum so I just don't need it thats all. Only reason why I'm selling...
  10. bump...best riggers on the market....
  11. Sorry guys, Whitby Ontario But i can travel a bit...
  12. LOL what Lakebound said... guys are usually running 12-15lb.....
  13. Hey all, Have one Scotty 1116 pro pack for sale. dual rod holders, 36"-60" adjustable boom, swivel base. Excellent condition. $450 obo PM with your email and i will send pics
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