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  1. For sure if you are too close.  If you are trolling the pierhead they wont stop.  Now if you are coming in they will allow safe passage, but their goal is to cast as far as possible and the have limited mobility.  I have heard of guys taking off the lures and just casting lead when trolling boats come too close.

  2. 3 hours ago, GBalls said:

    Hey Guys,


     I am fishing out of Bluffer's Park Marina in Scarborough, Ontario. My boat is all set up for salmon fishing. I am hoping that someone might be kind enough to share some general advice on where to catch salmon through the coming summer/fall months? Is there a 'typical' migratory pattern they follow or am I looking for certain water temperatures, depth, thermocline? Distance from shore?


    Would really appreciate any advice.


    Thank you, Glenn

    Sent you a pm

  3. For those of you who use the temperature transects on the NOAA site, it is no longer being produced.


    I did reach out to the admin who said they are not producing that data at the moment but hope to update and build the models and publish them at some point.


    I dont have a fishhawk so this was very useful resource for me.


    Hopefully it will be produced once again.



  4. Thanks.  It was an interesting idea.  I thought it might mimic a flasher lure combo.  I dont necessarily get out enough to venture too far from tried and true.  Will keep it in mind on those days when you throw everything but the kitchen sink at them.

  5. I am on the other side of the lake, so dont know Steve,  but I always feel people that try even if they dont get it right all the time are better than the arm chaIr quarterbacks who do nothing but gripe and complain.     Congrats and well deserved retirement.



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