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  1. SOLD


    Up for grabs just in time for the season to start. The "Vanilla Whale" is fully equipped and turn key, sitting (wrapped) in the Newfane Harbor parking lot...she is ready to fish as soon as the ice clears. A very stable, heavy vessel that fishes wonderfully. Huge 100sq ft of deck space!! No known rot issues or delamination concerns, we welcome your surveyor. This was a coast guard auxilary boat until our purchase in late 2012. Everything is in good working order, and all systems are in good shape. Many, many upgrades in the last couple years......hoses, belts, batteries, alternators, heat & A/C, carbs, electronic ignition, water pumps, starters, etc, etc.... Equipment: Everything goes and it is all new.....riggers, rod holders, track systems, electronics, radios, Fish Hawk, Life Jackets.....etc.... We will keep rods and tackle. Asking $18k or best offer. Call with questions or to make a viewing appoinment 716-504-7244 Dave Wilkins.



  2. We just measured ours today for replacement. Its quite easy to just hold a tape measure up to the fitting outside of the boat, you're looking for the inside diameter measurement. Our scuppers are 1-1/4", and the bilges are all 1". A/C is 1/2" and the sinks are 5/8". Our boat is a flybridge sportfisherman, but likely same for your predator. If your boat is a keeper, change over to Stainless and never do it again!

  3. Get the fuel at the local marina. It is non-ethanol and has lead based additives to protect valves, reeds, etc. Use it all year, throw some sta-bil in on the last trip, and you will be fine for many years.

  4. Always, always, get your fuel at the marina. Not the local convenience store, rez, etc. The fuel at the marina is formulated without ethanol, which is what is eating gaskets, causing detonation, etc. It also has a lead content, yes lead, which greatly helps to lubricate valves. The additives you are buying for your store bought gas will not remove the ethanol (it is 10-15% of each gallon), so don't waste your money. The additives simply help to provide a barrier between the ethanol and those parts that can be harmed.

    Just get your fuel at the local marina. Your boat motor will thank you. Add sta-bil in the fall, you will be trouble free for years to come.

    Try it in your weed wackers, chain saws, lawnmowers, and anything else with a small engine. You will be amazed at how much better they run.

    And no, I don't own the gas dock at the marina...... :rofl:

  5. Fishing Report

    Your Name / Boat Name:




    Date(s): 6/18

    Time on Water: 6pm-9pm

    Weather/Temp: Clear/75

    Wind Speed/Direction: Calm

    Waves: Calm

    Surface Temp: 57-62

    Location: Olcott

    LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):




    Total Hits: 5

    Total Boated: 4

    Species Breakdown: KINGS!!

    Hot Lure:

    Trolling Speed: 3

    Down Speed: 2.5

    Boat Depth: 250-350

    Lure Depth: 150...brrrr...




    Well here is a great opportunity for you guys to bust on me a bit....... :D

    We had a great night boating 4 nice kings and dropping one thanks to my spectacular netting job...... :lol:

    But the real kicker is the 26.5lb king in the picture.....I had not yet signed up for the LOC Derby yet...... :@

    Would have been cool to be at the top of the leaderboard for a few days at least....and might have hung in the money for a while.

    Sunday morning proved to be great also, we were able to sneak two on the board but they were kicked off today. But we'll be out again in our favorite spot soon and hopefully find a few more of those slobs!


  6. Scott, not sure if I mentioned to you that we use them and love the way they work. However, we have noticed our mono getting frayed a bit at our setback distance. Seems like the chamberlains are causing this somehow. Never had the issue with the Blacks....but I still love them!

  7. I only have a couple of years experience, but always have had the tru-trac clinchers. We lost a torpedo and a nice Chamberlain release last weekend, due to a kink in the cable, not the termination. It only takes a couple minutes to re-terminate using the tru-trac. No tools needed.

  8. Your gimbal bearing will make the most noise when turning the boat. Will be a low pitched growl. Noise will usually subside some after several shots of grease to the gimbal zerk on the starboard side of the transom housing.

    A bad gimbal bearing will make noise anytime engine is running.

    If you were experiencing noise all of the time, and its rather high pitched, getting worse by the minute, I would bet you have bad bearings in the lower unit.

    When these are bad, they will make noise anytime you are in gear.

    After seeing milky oil, it should have been torn down.

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