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  1. Can anyone translate what this guy is trying to say? *********** EDIT: No need for rude comments
  2. Usually the day's where you're not supposed to be out there turn out to be the most rewarding..... good to hear!
  3. LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAPSLOCK is cruise control for cool.
  4. I have a 12'6" Raven Matrix Float Rod with sliding reel seats and a bronze finish Okuma Aventa Center Pin Reel spooled with 30lb test hi-vis orange daccron and 12lb test hi-vis orange Siglon F floating mono. Used literally once, brand new perfect condition. $200 cash takes it, no trades. Pickup in Buffalo area, I'd rather not ship if at all possible. (Lancaster) Inquire via private message if interested otherwise I can't guarantee I'll catch the post in time, it has been listed on a few places. Should go quickly. Include a phone number for prompt response. Thanks, tight lines!
  5. Four million, three hundred twenty seven thousand, nine hundred and forty two as of seven fifty seven this evening. Less internet, more fishing!
  6. Well I guess it's a good thing I'm looking for a boat, and not friends. Thanks for the input though.
  7. Thanks everyone. I know I can always hit up the Slippy Sinker, but frankly the prices are kinda insane. I've had some bad luck losing lures this year so I was just looking for some online shops to snag what I need a bit cheaper. I appreciate the help\links, thanks.
  8. Pretty sure there are more interest in PICS at the moment..... Post some.
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