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  1. Sounds good, heading out after work today to give it a try. The lake should be fairly calm.
  2. had a good morning yesterday, 2 landed, 1 lost and 2 trips. 30-35FOW , the two kings were on a SD/fly on rigger at 15' and silver j-plug flat line. The lost one was on a jointed gold j-plug, and the two trips were on SD/flys on the riggers,
  3. heading out early sunday with my son and daughter in law, any salmon still being taken or is it past time now?
  4. Thanks Gill-T, we will probaly stay close see how the kids act and maybe try farther out if its slow
  5. Taking the grandkids out for there first time out for kings out of the genny. It's been a few years since I've been out there, use to run j plugs and large NK's in watermelon and silver w/green and char tape. what's the mainstream now as far as what to start out with. Thank guys
  6. Last year was our first year there (2012). Great place, a whole lot cheaper than anything around Rochester and Irondeqout bay ! You can never please everyone you can't beat it for the price, poo,l hot tub, clean bathhouse, boater friendly bar & resturant. We will be back again this year for sure.
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