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  1. not for browns or cohos but i have for lake erie walleye. I've found that jets pull too hard for or12 boards. they hang back too far and cant build a spread. Jets are better on big boards.

  2. 5 hours ago, Gill-T said:

    It does not benefit the captain to keep their limit. One, boat gas is expensive. Two, the resource is too valuable. Taking over the client’s limit in an area will guarantee that it will be more difficult to achieve the same success in the afternoon trip. Most captains are honorable stewards of the lake so I would not worry too much about this topic. There are procession limits on fish also so taking home someone else’s limit   may put you over. 


    Can you talk more about the possession limit?  I've read through the regs and can't find anything that limits possession.   

  3. Hi.  I need some help.  Going to be launching a friends 32 ft center console.  Is there a good launch in the river that would accommodate a bigger rig?  I've used the Fort ramp many times for my ranger but i feel its a little tight for a bigger boat. Really appreciate any input. 

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