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  1. The problem when trying to do this is the weighted section from the board to the boat drags down to much. Especially the further out from the boat
  2. not for browns or cohos but i have for lake erie walleye. I've found that jets pull too hard for or12 boards. they hang back too far and cant build a spread. Jets are better on big boards.
  3. Really. How do you know? The post doesn't even specify what rod and reels...... not saying they worth a grand but now would anyone know by the post?
  4. For sale is a brand new, never worn, Aftco Hydronaut 3x rain jacket. MSRP is $299. Selling for $199 picked up in Cranberry PA or Geneva on the lake Ohio. Delivered would be $215.
  5. Just to clarify the possession limits..........i can keep my limit each day during a week long trip and transport them home with no problem
  6. Gill-T Can you talk more about the possession limit? I've read through the regs and can't find anything that limits possession.
  7. Hi. I need some help. Going to be launching a friends 32 ft center console. Is there a good launch in the river that would accommodate a bigger rig? I've used the Fort ramp many times for my ranger but i feel its a little tight for a bigger boat. Really appreciate any input.
  8. I have a question for you pros out there. When you are running two or three cores on in line boards (say a 3, 5 and 7) do you put the short cores on the inside or the outside and why? Same goes for running two weighted steel, a 300 and a 400 on magnum in lines. Thank you
  9. That's very typical for this time of year
  10. Thanks Gambler for the information. I was also wondering if there is a good on-line source for bulk
  11. Can anyone share with me your sources for whole herring? I am considering trying my hand at cutting and curing some.
  12. What knot do you tie? Is that a simple single overhand knot?
  13. I read this whole thread and I still trying to find the fishing report?
  14. fished out of the oak last week for five days. Seemed like every fish either had sores or an actually lamprey attached. Don't remember ever seeing so many fish impacted.
  15. Richard, When you say mupped, is that when you run two spoons (one mag on bottom and regular on slider) of the same color pattern? Is the slider free sliding or fixed? Thank you
  16. What happened to posting what is for sale and stating a price. When someone offers the price its sold.
  17. Theyve been great with me as well. I know those probes are very sensitive. I make a carrying case lined with foam cut out in the shape of the probe for storage and travel.
  18. Does anyone know if there is a fish cleaning station at the Fort Niagara launch site? If so does it have a grinder?
  19. Thanks mantis I've got six packs from last year but I'll need more for this year. I sent Walt a text and a voice-mail but haven't heard anything. I hope everything is ok with him
  20. Does anyone know if this company is still making herring strips?
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