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  1. entire lot of equipment is currently sold pending pickup
  2. I would guess they are 5-6 years old. I bought a boat from Michigan that was setup for salmon, and am in the process of setting it up for Lake Erie Walleye fishing. These downriggers are just not needed to do what i need and why they are for sale.
  3. Will ship all 3 for $2750 you can send check or PayPal me and I’ll pay the fees so you can be sure it’s a secure transaction.
  4. Will sell separately for $950 each with a dual rod holder. I just don’t really want to end up stuck with one downrigger when generally everyone wants 2-3 for a boat. If I get commitments and PayPal on all 3 I will separate.
  5. 3 - Cannon Digi-Troll 10 Downriggers, bases, swivels, cannon connectors, and dual axis rod holders with rigger mounts. Over $4000 in equipment. $2750 obo for all 3 riggers and equipment. email [email protected] for faster response. not looking to separate at this time
  6. Big Jon triple trees came off a boat I just bought. All holders work great and in great shape. I can ship if necessary. $600 obo email: [email protected] for quicker response.
  7. Have a pair of these. One has a crack on the collar but not all the way through Also have a cannon gimble mount $40 for the dual rod holders $10 for the gimble mountoadedByLake Ontario United1413132595.513142.jpg]
  8. I have 6 Okuma Catalina Line Counter Reels size 25 For Sale... Reels are about 2 seasons old and besides a few cosmetic flaws work perfectly... Seen these sell for $125 each on Ebay. Im selling for $90 each... If you want the entire lot I will sell em for $500. [email protected]
  9. Still got em make an offer Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. 3.5" and 4.5" trolling spoons... Mostly Copper backed but some Gold...Good for steelies and browns.... They need hooks... 33 Spoons total most never seen water... $65 shipped to your door...Thats less than $2 each with free shipping... I can do PayPal THANX
  11. Looking for 4 of em... Anyone got anything they wana part with?
  12. Guy on Ohiogamefishing.com had a bunch for sale in the marketplace Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. 24 UV Finished Spoons 3.5" slenders and a couple 4.5" Mags for sale in various finishes...These things really pop $48 Shipped to your door [email protected] is best way to contact on these I can take PayPal Thanks
  14. Great for browns and walleyes.... 2 3/8" Spoons in a bunch of colors... $50 shipped to your door. [email protected] Can do PayPal
  15. Interested in the bomber long a's [email protected] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. You know nothing of perch fishing...lol
  17. All copper backed add hooks and slay fish spoons are 2.5" long $30 takes all pictured shipped to your door [email protected]
  18. Came off a 1999 Johnson 9.9hp 4stroke so I think you have a winner...
  19. taking forever to upload....dunno whats going on...lol
  20. whoops sorry.... Not sure who makes em...nice though...
  21. 22 SPOONS...Add hooks and your in biz Majorty are 3.75"....3 are 4.5" Gold and Copper backed. $45 Shipped.
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