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  1. Where are they available for pick up?
  2. Hi can you please tell me the price as well as where you are located? I have a friend interested
  3. How much and where are you located?
  4. How much and where are you located?
  5. Raytheon Autopilot works but not perfect had some issues that is the reason for such a low price. Every now and then it was sticking it was on a 25’ Pursuit Bravo 3. Bought a new Kicker with Autopilot so I have no need $60
  6. Lowrance LCX 20 $60
  7. MOOR Subtroll NO Probe $60
  8. 4 Big Jon Riggers 2 with double rod holders 2 without $700 for all 4 OBO.
  9. I have two brand new with the track as well, let me know if you are interested I can email you pictures. Buffalo/Niagara Area
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