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  1. Could someone tell me when they raise the water level in Cayuga lake? thank you
  2. Are there any tournaments scheduler for 7/10?
  3. Thank you so much for the info
  4. taughannock launch Could someone tell me if it's possible to launch from taughannock state park now? Thank you
  5. Does anyone know if it still possible to launch a 17' deep v from taughannock state park or is the water level to low? thanks so much...Jim
  6. Does anyone know if the water level had been dropped in Cayuga lake? Thank you..
  7. I have been shopping for swivel downrigger bases. After reading a number of reviews I noticed that the quality of some of them are less than satisfactory. Below is an alternative, I think, will work much better at comparable prices. McMaster-Carr lists a lockable heavy duty turntable. The product number is 6640k1. You may have to alter the holes to make things match depending on which downrigger you use. Even if you have to make a base to fit your application it would still work good. Just for your information. Jimmy
  8. Thank you so much for the assistance. I have tried numerous times to contact humminbird customer service with no results. I tried emails and phone call. they have never responded to either one. I have since returned the finder to amazon and got my money back. I don't understand why hummingbird has no customer service. Does anyone have any opinions about lowrance? thanks Jim
  9. I own a 2013 1650 lund rebel xl. I just installed a hummingbird 999 fishfinder on the boat. When I troll with the current the fishfinder goes crazy.Yhe depth and temp. indicators read all over the place. When I troll against the current it works just fine. I have lowered the transducer down below the recommended height to no avail. I have tried calling humminbird twice daily for two weeks and I get a busy signal each time. I sent them an email 2 weeks ago about this problem and they have not responded. The fishfinder is attached to it's own battery which is new. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem? thanks..Jim
  10. Thank you all for the info. It's always nice coming here because most folks here are more than willing to help.
  11. I have fished Keuka lake for 3 years . The first two years the lakers were everywhere. This year is different. I marked many lakers in early march. The last 3 times out I have marked very few. I was fishing the south end and some friends were fishing the bluff. None of us marked many fish. Any input?
  12. I really have no idea what their service is like ,but it seems to me that it's very diffacult to find a decent marine mechanic . I don't think it's like getting a vehicle repaired because normally they don't have many mechanics working there and I do know that their suppliers are very slow getting the parts out the door. I bought Lund 1650 Rebel xl ss. I just brought it home friday and i havn't had it out on the water yet. I had a 9.9 kicker motor mounted on it. It should be a nice rig to fish with. Thanks for asking.
  13. Before I start this note I just want to make it clear that I'm not affilated in any way to this marina. I'm simply a customer that appreciates nice people. I just bought a new boat from Hanafin Marine which is located near Endicott New York. It's a family owned business that caters to the working man. They were very concerned with every detail of the sale. They went above and beyond the expected service, especially once they got paid. Their prices were very competitive and I feel I save a significant amount. It was a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend this business.
  14. Thanks everyone for the information. The folks here are always very helpful even to the greenhorns. Thanks again..jim
  15. I'm thinking about purchasing a Lund XL Fury 1625.I was wondering if anyone has an view either good or bad. thanks..jim
  16. we downloaded the latest revisions from the humminbird sight and i turned off the surface clutter . I would say the surface clutter was the issue because i no longer have the problem . I tried turning it back on and immediatly lose the depth so i know that took care of it. lets hope it helps others.
  17. I use a humminbird 597 ci fishfinder .I also use downriggers. Does anyone know if the downriggers cable interferes with the fishifnder? I was thinking that i might change to braided line if that's the issue.I lose the depth reading from time to time. I may bne in 200 fow then all of the sudden the finder reads 2'. other than that the finder works fine.
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