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  1. I have the following trolling/downrigging equipment being sold as a lot(not separating): 1 Okuma Classic CL 300L reel on 8'6" medium action Okuma Classic Pro rod 11 total stick baits(floaters)....5 are 5" Rapalas....3 are 3 1/2" Rapalas....1 is a 3 1/2" jr. thunderstick....and 2 are 2 1/2" Rapalas 11 total trout/salmon spoons in popular colors 3 Luhr Jensen trolling cowbell rigs(variety) brand new in sealed packages 2 cannon downrigger releases First $100 cash Ron 585-233-2878
  2. Vince How long are the booms? If they are 6 foot would you take $400 cash for them? Thanks for your time.
  3. Not sure Fishnut.....I never worried about it and used 8-10lb balls and they retrieved them pretty well.I believe they use an automotive wiper motor just like the Big Jons do but I could be wrong.
  4. I have 2 Big Jon replica downriggers that were constructed in a professional machine shop.I have used them for many years without any issues but after purchasing a larger boat I am now needing downriggers with 6' booms for clearance purposes.The booms hinge straight up 90 degrees (an awesome feature) so no leaning over the transom or side of the boat when connecting your line to the release.They come with power cords,mounting plates,dual built in rod holders and a set of flush mounted rod holders.An awesome deal for first $300 cash for the pair. Ron 585-233-2878
  5. I have about 85 brand new packaged trolling spoons in 7 colors.Made by Lightning Lures Company here locally in Rochester,NY a few years back.I have them in 7 colors. 100% stainless steel. Approximately 3 1/2" long and 1 1/8" wide. Great spoon for trout and salmon.REDUCED!!!!!....$2/piece......Thanks Call Ron 585-233-2878
  6. Hello if the riggers are still for sale I will take them.What is your location and contact number? Thanks. Ron
  7. Brand new 2013 Tohatsu 6hp outboard motor for sale.It is 4 stroke, has 20" long shaft and weighs 58lbs.Purchased brand new in 2013 w/5 year warranty,however had engine issues with my boat's main motor and sold it,this motor was uncrated and mounted on a sawhorse and has never had any oil or fuel put in it.The warranty is transferable and is good until 5/2018.This motor sells for $1600 plus tax at local Tohatsu dealer......sacrifice first $1200 cash.Comes with external gas tank(3.1 gallons) w/line and manual.Would be an awesome kicker motor for trolling or sailboat motor. Ron (585)233-2878
  8. Hello I am very interested in the boat if it is still for sale.Looks like exactly what I am looking for,when would be a good time to come and look at the boat at your earliest convenience?. Thanks
  9. Hello I purchased a boat about 4 years ago and the boat included this Minn Kota trolling motor(24 volt).The previous owner told me he was in process of permanently mounting it and wiring it to the boat but never finished doing it so he removed it and the motor was never used and was still brand new.I never mounted the motor and recently sold my boat,so basically I have a brand new 4 year old Minn Kota.He did tell me he paid roughly $500 plus tax for it at the time so being that it was never used and is basically brand new.Shaft is 48 inches long. Reduced, $300 cash. Call Ron (585)233-2878 attachment=13156:photo 3.JPG]]
  10. I sold my boat and no longer need my charger.This unit works flawlessly,charges 3 marine batteries at once and is rated for 15 amps.First $100 cash. Ron(585) 233-2878.
  11. Last fall I sold my boat and I no longer need my Proos downriggers.I have 3 of them and they are all in nice working condition. Proos downriggers are very heavy duty downriggers and are built to last a lifetime.They all come with their own pedestal swivel mount,power cord and 4 foot adjustable boom.Two of the downriggers have their own single rod holder and gimbal mount and the other one does not.I am also including 4 seperate rod holders(pvc) that I used with the downriggers.There is no cable on any of the downriggers.NOTE: Proos downriggers and parts can be purchased at the following link : http://www.sovereigndownriggers.com/ A steal,first $375 cash. Call Ron 585-233-2878
  12. I recently inherited a 1973 Evinrude Sportwin 9.5 hp outboard motor that is in very nice condition and runs mint.I inherited it from my grandfather and he took great care of it.I recently restored the cowl and it now looks brand new and if desired the original 1973 Evinrude decals can be purchased and applied.It is model 9322B and comes with newer 3 gallon metal gas tank with hose/bulb.It is a short shaft,has a like new propeller and would make an awesome kicker motor.Needs nothing and is ready for use.First $400 cash. Ron (585)233-2878
  13. I have 2 Proos gimball mounts for sale for $50/pair.I used to run the proos downriggers and thought I would use them but never did and if needed the posts could be severed off and you would have mounting plates that match up with the proos downrigger mounting holes.
  14. Hello If you still have the 10 hp for sale call me,(585)233-2878.Thanks. Ron
  15. Hello I was at Bayside Bait and Tackle down on the south end of Irondequoit Bay right on empire blvd and there is 2 Proos manual 3 foot downriggers there on consignment for $199.They both come with the pedestal swivel mounts,which I know were about $60/each back in the day,2 fish shaped 10 lb downrigger weights and 2 gunnel mounts(plates w/angled steel rods) I inquired about them and the owner just lowered price to get rid of them,$199 is a steal,thought Id let you know.
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