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  1. Some reports are talking like EVERYBODY should be catching TONS of fish inside. I have found it very slow.
  2. Friday night caught 1 steelhead in 50 fow near bottom on a green spoon. Lots of tine cohos closer to the surface.
  3. 50' - 120'?? I was presuming that every one was working in much closer to shore. How deep or what temperature are you targeting. My plans were to get out today, but family priorities came up. Friday and Saturday are the plan.
  4. I plan to head out of Olcott in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday. Has anyone had any luck? If so, any specific depth? Colors? Speed?
  5. The lake is supposed to look very nice beginning Wednesday morning!!! Keep those reports coming in!!!!
  6. Had 2 hits just after the sun rose this morning. 25 fow. Not a single hit after that. Good luck now. The wind and waves got quite rough.
  7. Fishing hotline says near shore at 1st light with J-13's, J-Plugs, and meat rigs. Then 50-100 fow with just about anything as sun rises. Does anybody have a different story?
  8. 3 boats that I spoke with all got skunked. I'm in 80' right now. Nothing.
  9. I don't think anybody actually answered the question. Are there good fish in front of Olcott? FOW, depth, color?
  10. There are lots of boats out here today. Many working 70-120 fow. I've got nothing. Anyone having luck?
  11. At what temp are the steelhead and kings biting at this time of year?
  12. Maybe the better question is "What temperature?" I would like to know that.
  13. That has been my understanding. But my experience the past few days has me bewildered. Like you have mentioned, I may have been to far out. Maybe 35' is the ticket. 45' - 80' sure hasn't paid off. Just 2 at 45' the other day. And that was after quite a few hours.
  14. Gill-T, If the water is still cold near shore the next time I go out, I will definitely try closer to shore and probably use my inline planer boards with the lures 75' back. 40 fow. Maybe even 30 or 20. Who knows!!!
  15. I'm at 300 right now, making my way out. I will try 350 to 380 and go 45 to 60 down. I'll post.
  16. I got so fed up with the Browns that I've moved out to 250 fow. Lines 60 to 80' down. Temp is 39 but still not marking anything.
  17. I have set my lines at 18 and 25 with sliders. I'm in 75 fow. Let's see what happens.
  18. No, I did not mark any fish on the bottom. Not in 40', 70', or 80'. I only marked a few bunches of bait fish 30' down a couple times. I did notice that the temp near bottom was 45 degrees or less in all depths. Plus, the big brown hit on a cheater spoon. Was probably 20' down when ball was 40' down in 45 fow.
  19. Upon hearing everyone say that there are TONS of browns between the tower and power project, I headed out there after lunch. Reports said 70 FOW. So that is where I set up. Nothing for 2 hours between the tower and the project so I moved to 80'. Still nothing. So I moved to 45 fow. Then.....BAM. The biggest brown I have ever caught from a boat. He came with a friend. Stupid eels. I boated another brown a half hour later. Just a small one. The rain became too much so I headed in. I tried slowing down, speeding up, zig-sagging. 10' from bottom. Different colors. Anybody have thoughts??????? 4 hours for 2 browns. I was expecting more success.
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