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  1. Let's hope this wind brings in some fish. Rough out there right now.
  2. I hate living 5 minutes from port and conditions so bad that it's not worth going out. Was ok today. Hope it gets better soon.
  3. I went for the browns this morning. Out of Olcott. Report said inside 50 FOW. I set up in 30'. Nothing. 40'. 50'. 60'. Nothing. Then I got 4 browns in 70 FOW. They seemed to shut off just after 10:00 am.
  4. I am hoping to go on Friday. Just looking for some ideas.
  5. Manual Downrigger Works Great. Call Jaime (716)622-8854 DOES NOT COME WITH SWIVEL, WEIGHT, OR 6" BASE.
  6. Does anybody know if the lake is set up in front of Olcott yet? Any word on browns in close? Or Kings & steelhead out deeper? FOW and depth for each??
  7. I was in 240 fow today and only got 2 baby kings. I didn't mark much. I now wish I had headed out deeper.
  8. I was out yesterday for 3 hours and only 1 skipper too.
  9. Hey, thanks for the GREAT reports. I'm hoping to make it out tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning. This info really helps. If you had to guess, how deep is your 7-color setup?
  10. That's not good news. I am planning to head out of Olcott tomorrow morning. I was hoping for a good report.
  11. I went out of Olcott on Saturday morning and had a bonanza. I couldn't help but have a fish on the line if it was in the water. I went out Monday afternoon and was completely shut out. Everyone was. Not even a hit. I tried 10-20'. Nothing. I went to 40', 50', 60', and 70' for lakers. Nothing. Funny how fast things can change.
  12. I just recently installed my Fishhawk X4+Depth and went out on the lake without the probe. I had what seemed like issues as well. When I trolled, only the surface temp was displayed. But when I powered up and went 20 mph or so The display started briefly showing numbers that made no sense in the depth, down speed, and down temp. again, this was weird since my probe was at home also. The next outing I brought the probe. I lowered the probe into the water and everything worked just fine. I have no doubt that resistor plugs will help considerably with interference, but bring your probe out and see how the unit reacts with the probe in the water. Hope this helps. Jaime
  13. I am looking for 2 Big Jon Manual Sideriggers, swivel bases, 6" pedestals, and 10# or 12# weights to go with them. Call me at (716)622-8854
  14. When purchased from the manufacturer, these Big Jon items come with the swivel base. Are these included?
  15. I went out Saturday morning along the Olcott shoreline. Rapalas were useless. Silver spoons were the ticket in 8' of water. I trolled the spoons over 100' behind boat and landed 2 big, male browns and 2 small Cohos.
  16. I was probably one of those people fishing the launch ramp. Thanks for the info. If the weather permits I'll probably try trolling in front of the piers. With the clocks "falling back" that leaves less time after work. Really makes it impossible after work.
  17. Really?? Nobody has info? I'm just wondering if browns are near shore late October and into November? Plus can you still get steelhead and young Kings out deeper if the weather permits in November or later? Anyone??
  18. I am very interested in fishing out in front of Olcott for Steelhead, Coho, and immature Kings. Anyone have reports or recommendations for going out in 100 or 200 FOW? Or deeper? How long into the season can they be caught out there? Are the Browns along shore in Fall like they are during Spring? Any thoughts appreciated.
  19. I'm hoping to head out in front of Olcott again this afternoon. Waves are supposed to be 1' or less. Anybody have any reports?
  20. Yeah. The 1st King was about 18 lbs. The next two were just shakers. Maybe 2 or 3 lbs. All the fish were nice and shiny. I prefer shiny, fresh fish to salmon that are in the marina or up the creeks and turning black.
  21. I ventured out yesterday late morning in front of Olcott. I set up my downriggers in 80 FOW and got my first hit before I hit the 100' mark. 60' down I got a nice fat Steelhead. I started marking bait pods near the bottom so I set my rigger to 80'. As soon as I picked up my speed....Bam. A nice King. About 17-18#. Working 90'-110 FOW I caught 2 more very young Kings and lost 2 B-I-G hits. All on blue/black spoons. I was home before noon.
  22. It's nice to see some taken off the Olcott pier!!!! I might try trolling near shore Wednesday afternoon if the waves cooperate.
  23. I worked 50-80 FOW and had no luck with the browns. I did very well just a few days ago. Oh well.
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