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  1. That stinks 😕. Hopefully it was because of catching a bunch of fish.
  2. Way to go and keep the updates coming. I'll be up in a bit over a week and a half, so your info may be stale by that point for me, but I still enjoy hearing and seeing how others are doing!
  3. Ha ha, this has been a topic forever for the Stinger Spoons, especially on Lake Erie for walleye. The speculation was always that you would just buy more / new spoons, so why make the paint stick better (at least from Stinger's perspective). This is one reason I prefer taped spoons, they tend to hold up better. Maybe with the change in ownership the new spoons from Stinger will have better paint? Time will tell.
  4. Awesome! Way to make the best of a quick evening trip. Thanks for the report and taking a kid fishing!
  5. Awesome, hopefully things start to set up nicely. Thanks for the report.
  6. Lead core and copper for me. In Erie I fish Jet divers / Tru trips, mini dipsys, flatline cranks, and single strand wire, and cranks with snap weights. I'm sure you could apply some of those to salmon.
  7. Check out the blood run website. They have info on splicing copper. They recommend replacing copper with a splice, but they also sell line. I have run mine spliced for a couple days, but I only get a few shots a year at salmon, so I end up replacing it pretty quickly.
  8. Way to go on a 30 lber! I've landed plenty of fish at the back of the boat, but never had one commit suicide into the prop!
  9. x2 on adding the heat shrink. I also keep some in case I need to repair a copper on the lake....not that I have ever tangled one so bad I had to cut it and splice it back together.
  10. I'd be curious to hear how your trip turns out. I'm planning on heading up later this week. We are going to start fishing Thursday afternoon and go through Saturday weather dependent. The wind doesn't look great early this week. It looks like things might get stirred up pretty well.
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