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  1. djw13cwru

    Olcott 9/4

    nice box of fish
  2. djw13cwru

    Olcott Report -Sunday

    I'll second Gill-T's recommendation on the proper wire knot and never using the crimps for downrigger cable. I also have had good luck with the Cannon terminator kits, though they are much more expensive than a knot...
  3. djw13cwru

    Olcott Report -Sunday

    I'd suggest Amish Outfitters downrigger shockers to help with the downriggers / ball break offs. I like fixed or free sliders too. To me they are easier / faster to set.
  4. I stumbled onto the dwb pattern a couple years ago after I let one of my kids pick out a lure at the store (it wouldn't have been my choice). Now instead of one dwb I have lots.....and I always run one!
  5. I agree, most of my fish have come off spoons with some on meat and FF's. I was doing well with gators and DWB, plus Carbon 14.
  6. Way to get on them! What an awesome year for fishing.
  7. I liked the bare feet. That is pretty brave when hooks start flying!
  8. djw13cwru


    The amazing part about Erie this year is that people are taking limits along the length of the lake from Ohio thru NY waters. That is an amazing amount of fish.
  9. Way to get on the fish mlvn_prry and thanks for the report.
  10. djw13cwru

    Mag 10a trouble.

    As an FYI, RTV silicone uses acetic acid (vinegar) as the curing agent. You can smell it in RTV and many other silicone caulks. This can cause corrosion issues, as the acid vapors will attack metals. There is a special non-acid cure version, but it is pricey. Just a heads up.
  11. djw13cwru

    Mag 10a trouble.

    Never had that happen, but I would guess that is a switch issue. Do you have the short stops on your riggers? That could be the issue too.
  12. Sounds like a nice outing.
  13. djw13cwru

    Twili tip on Talora Help

    On one Talora I had to cut off the tip, I broke the graphite, so I just installed the twilli down further (all of about 1"). On others, the front guide has come off fine with a little heat. I use a small butane torch with a low flame.
  14. djw13cwru

    Lake Ontario Currents

    Did you ever figure out what to do with the currents you "see" on the unit? I.e. how to change your fishing approach?