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  1. I have netted lots of half inflated mylar balloons on Lake Erie. Whenever we see one we steer toward it so we can net it as we go by.
  2. djw13cwru

    Reviving old planer board line

    There is a lot of counterfeit PowerPro on Ebay. PowerPro even had a message about that on their website a year or two ago. I would rather have a planer line snap than a rigger line though....
  3. djw13cwru

    Reviving old planer board line

    The Amish Outfitter line is pretty slick, releases slide down it very well.
  4. djw13cwru

    Reviving old planer board line

    I've heard of people using silicone spray to help releases slide on the line.
  5. Olcott 8/3 & 8/4 Fished out of Olcott on the afternoon of 8/3 and morning of 8/4. We were planning to fish Saturday, but it was a bit rough! I hope the blow didn't goof up fishing, it was awesome for us both days. We worked 4-500' of water with the upper end of that range producing our bigger fish. On Thursday we took a mixed bag of coho, steelhead, and kings. The coho and steel had nice size, but kings were smaller. Lures didn't matter for us on Thrusday - spoons, flies, meat; they all worked and we had trouble getting our full spread in. On Friday we took another mixed bag with a screamer king and a few 8-10 lb kings, so better size. An atomic stud fly behind a chrome frog spinner and dipsy was our best program. 10 color cores, 300 and 400 coppers and the riggers also worked. We fished everything 65' or above, with the best success targeting the 45-55' depth. Despite one lost day it was an awesome trip.
  6. Nice work & thanks for the report! I'm counting the days until we make it up there for our yearly trip.
  7. djw13cwru

    Olcott 7-19

    Nice job! I still have to keep waiting until early August for my trip. Try to keep them corralled until then! Thanks for the info.
  8. djw13cwru


    Nice job on the solo outing, and to land two 20 lbers!
  9. Nice job, thanks for the report.
  10. djw13cwru

    Lake erie FLIES!!!

    The stable flies in Erie were thick this year. I had my 4 yo niece out trolling for walleye in OH waters and we gave up after about 1.5 hours. The flies were everywhere and a bit too much for her. We went tubing instead and I broke out a fly swatter. I killed over 200 on the transom in about 20 minutes. I looked at the side of the boat and it was still covered, so I just gave up. If you keep your legs horizontal instead of vertical it helps....some. They key in on vertical legs (like livestock) hence the name stable fly. Some people swear by the thermacells to repel them, I haven't tried though.
  11. The Lake Troll series is for smaller water. I would avoid it if it has the line counter on the swivel at the end of the boom. The digital (like on a clicker) line counters by the spool are much nicer.
  12. Cannon and Big Jon are probably the most popular brands followed by Scotty. The Cannon Uni-troll series of manual riggers are a nice rigger to target for entry level. Really rigger brands turns into a Ford/Chevy/Dodge debate as to which is best.
  13. 10 lb weights are the lowest I would go with for riggers. You got good advice on the boom length, 4' is a pretty standard Cannon length and my personal preference. The extendable booms are nice, but the fixed length are fine too. For boom length, all you need to ensure is the end of rigger where the cable goes into the water clears your boat/swim platform (and drive). Dipsey's were mentioned, They are an easy / cheaper way to get rods out than riggers. It looks like you already have 3 flush mount rod holders per side. You can run dipsey rods out of the two further forward. A drop in multi mount rod holder is nice, but not necessary. When I started, we didn't have rod holders, so we would wedge our rod buts between the seat and engine dog house!
  14. Nice fish, way to go! Thanks for the report.
  15. There is nothing wrong with manual riggers. Advantages are lower cost, higher weight capacity (than some electrics), and better biceps! Make sure the riggers you select have a long enough boom to clear the swim platform. Swivel bases are nice, but not necessary. They can also help with the clearance issue.