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  1. Spro heavy swivel and shrink fit tubing is the only way to go for copper to leader and copper to backing.
  2. It’s not a little tiller ..... should be up at the launch tomorrow around 2 or 3 for the evening bite. Let me know if you want a ride or to work together, shoot me a PM and I’ll send you my cell #
  3. Weather is looking stable for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, heading up solo, anyone else going to be out. Potential for an open seat if you don’t mind fishing out of a 20’ tiller. Joel
  4. I just pick up a couple packs at the Boat Doctors right near the launch. They have DW Premium which is Ballyhoo I believe. Holds up well to multiple fish. Just need to scrape the scales off the spot the toothpick goes through and bring plenty of good toothpicks.
  5. Didn’t get out till around 9:30. Headed out to 220 straight out from the jetty, put one in the box on 300 copper meat rig. Had two more bits on the way to 330’. All on 300 copper meat. One was a giant that broke us off, sucker took a hundred yards off the reel twice before it broke us off. Spent the next couple hours chasing our previous bites with no luck. Decided to head deeper, once we hit 415 half way between Olcott and the plant, ran into some better fish. Caught 5 out there quick, 2 on 300 copper, another on 400 copper and two more on riggers down 60. Every bite was on meat, we had everything else out but that was all they wanted. Planned to fish today too, but the wind sent us home early. Great day, great place, love fishing Olcott in the summer.
  6. Big plans for my wife’s first trip king salmon fishing..........Well we were an hour from the house in Michigan this evening when the dang truck starts acting up, had to blow it around and head home. Got it straighten out, flipping wheel bearing that I knew I had to fix, procrastination payback! A hour and a half in the driveway and all is fixed, hitting the road around 3:30am, puts us on the water about 8. Anyone else headed out tomorrow out of Olcott and want to work together let me know. PM and I’ll send you my cell #. Supposed to be a beautiful day, hope they cooperate.
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