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  1. My two cents? I’d focus on the other end first. 90psi in both I think is not bad being equal in both cylinders. If you had 130 in one and 90 in the other than it might be the issue. I’d go after basics if you haven’t. Spark plugs, wires, fuel. Then carbs. Take them off and put a rebuild kit in cleaning etc.  put new plugs in, check spark, fresh fuel, good primer bulb. The easy stuff. Reeds too as mentioned but generally shows signs of fuel spitting out of carbs because of lack of vacuum with the crank case pulling fuel in.  Others on here might chime in as well. Hope you get her running. 

  2. Would anyone know a reference of a shop in Roc / Wayne that’s able to do a bottom paint / epoxy on a boat. Seems from what I’m hearing everyone is booked till May-June. Shoot me a pm if you know a place. Thanks. 

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