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  1. Once you get the wood out, things we’ll be down hill from there. Seems the hardest part is always the start.
  2. Would anyone know a reference of a shop in Roc / Wayne that’s able to do a bottom paint / epoxy on a boat. Seems from what I’m hearing everyone is booked till May-June. Shoot me a pm if you know a place. Thanks.
  3. You could also try hooking behind the dorsal. And by all means make sure you pick him up when done………… Ive seen guys try to leave them out for the next day as a bouy marker. Bad mojo.
  4. Hey Guff, we’ve tried it, does it work? Yea, is it a pain in the butt to set up, monitor, fix , get the freakin thing caught in your motors…….yep.
  5. I remember the ole ballon trick for staying with the school…….
  6. Damn, I’m out…….
  7. 2.03. Let’s get this going…..
  8. BBob, I’m not saying you don’t need technology to catch them, but I sure as heck don’t miss lugging my anchors up and down, let the rope out, wind switched, do it all over again…….. back in the day. Today if you caught your limit of perch it’s a great feeling, back in the day I needed three days rest……
  9. Bo send me some specs……..
  10. CK, I’ve tried them on the Finger lakes haven’t had much success. Come with smaller than I thought hook set up. And for what it’s worth, they don’t act like a flat fish, they rather spin like a spin glo. still experimenting with them though as they have there place I think.
  11. Went to their site. Looks like it’s available. Pricey but available.
  12. I think you’ll get some charge, I’m just not sure if you’ll break even if your at a 3-4 setting while trolling. I’m sure guys that are using there electrics like your going to do can chime in on how much charge they see while trolling. You’ll also have to be careful wiring as you don’t want your crank battery also used for your trolling motor battery. You would want to keep the system separate for prolonged life.
  13. Mmm yea that’s a tough one. With the amp draw and the need to recharge those quickly you won’t have enough mmmmf to get the recharged with motoring around with your big motor. Someone on here might have an alternative solution for you.
  14. I had to swap out my existing on board chargers as it wasn’t set up for lithium. I went with a three bank Noco 10amp charger that can do all three types lead acid AGM and lithium. Has worked great. I do suggest an on board though.
  15. So to your question. I would go with Lithiums for your electric trolling motor if you can afford it. Too many positive’s over lead acid in my book. My particular setup has 2 lithiums (50 amphr) for my electric trolling motor and a separate lithium (125amphr) for my starter main motor 115 hp / 8hp merc and everything else on the boat (electronics / downriggers etc). This battery also has my main motor charging it. It’s not connected to the electric motor battery system. Completely separate. I was just saying that when my gas kicker was trolling, also charging the main battery, it would kick out if it was fully charged. This was due to a safety system on the lithium battery’s. I since took of the coil on the 8hp merc so it wasn’t charging while trolling. Hasn’t been an issue. You’ll never have any issues with your electric minnkota because it would be separate if that makes sense.
  16. Here’s a school on the graphs, Raymarine on the dash and a Garmin up in the bow off trolling motor.
  17. Couldn’t agree more Les, his brand has put our boat in the money many of times with his customer service that’s top notch. Congrats to you Gambler!
  18. Looks the boys from NY did well! Sounds like an awesome trip.
  19. Actually I think the longer leader helps with the action of the lure in my opinion, I think I have up to 30-50ft on my lighter weighted lines for the Finger Lakes.
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