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  1. I’m not sure of how much ice is on the bay / channel. Just be sure to keep your eye out for that south wind. Icebergs fill the channel up and is a sh….t show to get back to the ramp.
  2. Send me a pic, I’m always a fan of a good perch rod.
  3. As mentioned, cheaters will always lose in the end. Good meeting you Rick this past weekend at the Expo. Looks like Krenzer has some good looking rigs.
  4. So I don’t think its needed to be as thick as you think if the stringers are spread out for support and your foam is poured up to it. I’m assuming you have wood floor in it now? Not sure what year they went with aluminum floor, I redid mine so that the new floor had no pedestal mounts in the back but the 93 model had the aluminum floor already. It was two sheets. One for each side of the gas tank in the middle. Ran from splash well box up to just past passenger and driver pedestal mounts. Not sure what thickness. Maybe .120 thick. The joists and foam support it. Glued Nautalix to it. Wouldn’t use that again. Rough on the knees. Durable as heck though. Riveted the sheets to the stringers. Again not sure if your years boat is the same. You sure can take a lot of weight out if you can stay away from wood vs the aluminum but if you can’t wood works. As mentioned though stay away from treated if you can.
  5. 😀Always learning. Especially from Lou and it’s ton of pros on here…..
  6. To all Seneca Lake Fisherman, I hold this Demon high above the future of this lake and commence you to release all of your ill will to your siblings and end the massacre you’ve brought to this lake. In the next sunrise all of you demons will be gone! Mike get the knife, he’s trying to bite me lol. Damn bast……d
  7. Just too add to Les’s, I’ll run offset on each side until I find a distance that works better. The smaller the blade the father back you can go without it dropping and hitting bottom. The faster you go >1.5-1.8 the farther back you can go. Warning though when you get deep >150ft or more the farther back your leads are the more of a tangle you’ll have from the currents that Les mentioned. Find a pattern that works stay with it. I’ve got some tricks I want to experiment with so I’ll fill you in on those May 29th if they work 😜
  8. I know this is probably more than you asked for /cdn-cgi/mirage/bbcd918c8e31f6efe742bb34bcef891048e7c454d38358c3022eca2cbc8be8d7/1280/https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/uploads/emoticons/default_emoticon-0100-smile.gif but there are a lot of weights of various types on the bottom of Seneca/cdn-cgi/mirage/bbcd918c8e31f6efe742bb34bcef891048e7c454d38358c3022eca2cbc8be8d7/1280/https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/uploads/emoticons/default_emoticon-0136-giggle.gif Amen to that Les!
  9. Man that’s a great deal. It’s going to look great I bet when your done with it. Not sure if your doing just a redo so she’s fishable to resell or a complete over haul to make her look new again and keep, if the latter, due these boats being known for the wood transom corrosion, you may just want to pop the cap off to see being no motor is on. Might be a better time to replace then a couple years down the road. Good luck with the project.
  10. My sincere condolences to you Rolmops and Ken. All prayers to you and your families.
  11. Whaler talked you in to not eating lakers……..
  12. Use to be the samples measured were ground up “fish whole” with toxins revealed as to what amounts were in found. This was because FDA and state gov couldn’t predict someone wouldn’t consume the whole fish. A study a few years ago now, took a head of lettuce and was measured against a fish that was filleted with no centerline and no skin and was in the ppb levels equal to that of the store shelf lettuce. It was an interesting article.
  13. If I was only that good on picking football spreads……….uggg
  14. Hey Bob, I’ve got the same boat, a ‘93 When I put mine in there was a sheet of plywood underneath when accessing the front storage compartment. I purchased a cheap 1x thick cutting board and customized it for the motor plate to bolt through. Also gives the motor base some height over the aluminum bow cap that’s on the boat. Doesn’t flex at all. Pretty solid. Hope that helps.
  15. This is a Pfluegar, harness in center to lock hook in. Came in a couple different sizes. This is a 5. The lure on the right is as some pointed out a Johnson Silver minnow. Eyelet gives it away.
  16. Chowder, not that I use smokeless, I didn’t realize some DMUs restrict its use. Where do I find that in the NYS deer regs?
  17. Thanks for sharing Les, wish I had some of those originals….. I do think I has some from the later versions with that unmistakable bent lip on the tail end.
  18. Wow Manny, great recap! Busy year for you with many success stories! Best of all you had many including the kids enjoying it! Thanks for sharing. Got to get back up to that river for steelhead!
  19. The battery switch is a must if you don’t have one. Found out the hard way after installing a new radio. Ate my batteries up and didn’t know it. An ohm meter will tell you if something is running when boat is stored or if something is going on when charging etc Other suggestion is to take it to a reasonable marina let them find the issue. Document everything then take Bryce to court to get your money back you had to pay to repair and legal fees.
  20. I would suggest reaching out to a moderator for the question on this. Several crossbows have been posted on here and if I’m not mistaken crossbows are considered a muzzleloader in NYS which is not considered a firearm.
  21. That’s a great couple of pics!
  22. Thanks Pete for sharing. I didn’t even know…..
  23. Man that’s a hell of a hunt! Congrats! Thanks for sharing that story!
  24. He’s a stud Steve. You got plenty of time with good weather this coming week! Good luck.
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